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Website Development Company in Dubai

Modern websites are more than creating content-rich pages about your business. At Kreata Global, we are not just creating a website; we are crafting responsive websites that are faster, SEO friendly and have a better user experience across all devices.

Our experts focus on conversion-oriented designs that are aesthetically pleasing with the power to showcase your products or services for both B2B and B2C customers.

We create attractive and minimalistic designs with no room for mediocrity. With user-centric research, we ensure that your website showcases your business culture and drives sales online.

WordPress website development

WordPress website development

We know how important a website is for your business. WordPress opens a world full of possibilities to create a bespoke website that is user-friendly, yet easy to manage with a simple dashboard and database management.

Being the most used CMS for website development projects, WordPress provides fully responsive themes, 1000+ plugins to optimize your website for searches and much more! Tracking your leads and customizing your design is now easier than ever with our WordPress website development service.

PHP website development

PHP website development

PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development projects. Powering millions of websites, PHP is one of the most commonly used server side languages to support feature-rich websites.

With industry-standard methodologies, PHP helps to create a competent front-end to make the website feel classy, user-friendly and feature-rich with all the functionalities. Our PHP architects follow industry-standard practices to create faultless websites which are open to easy design changes in future.

Interactive microsites

Interactive microsites

A microsite is a small individual web page or a website with a small number of pages that exist outside of your website’s homepage. Microsites are separate URLs from your website but play a significant role in your company's marketing efforts.

With an interactive microsite, your website is more user-friendly and improves visibility on search engines big time. As microsites have individual domain addresses, your target audience will be able to find your business online and help you build your brand, and improve conversions at a greater pace.

Promote your marketing efforts and grow your business with interactive landing pages for your ad campaigns with beautiful microsites from our experts. Using consistent designs and defined sales funnel based on the ads, microsites can be custom-made to any campaign, writing tone or for more visual branding experience.

With interactive microsites packed with our expertise, we open a new medium for you to get quality leads without having complex functionality as the main website.

Custom Web Apps

Custom Web Apps

Leverage our expertise and build a mobile-centric web interface that embraces the modern workflow automation or simply cater your business goal.

Using a single-page web application you get an interface similar to an app that works in the browser without refreshing the page. Single-page applications can improve user-experience from loading time to easy navigation to different pages.

Progressive web applications are the applications that are intended to work faster than any other native application. The progressive web application supports all web browsers and runs on any devices. At Kreata Global, our developers optimize the applications to more user-oriented, search-friendly, speed optimized with the industry-standard processes.

Our visually compelling web app design means your audience gets a mobile application experience on all devices with compelling functionalities.

With our experienced web application development service, we can develop custom web applications that are visually stunning and are backed with intelligent and latest technology. Contact us today to know more about website development in various technologies.

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