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Sponsored Content Case Study: Toshiba Canvio For Smartphones


Create awareness about the Toshiba Canvio for smartphones across the GCC by highlighting its features in an informative and engaging way. The aim was to reach out to the tech savvy population in the region through sponsored stories on feedbaac.com (now wowlyst.com) and promote the content on digital channels using native advertising solutions.


Explaining new technology to any audience is a challenge. It has to be smart, simple and educative without bordering on boring. To this end, we wanted to create content that tech geeks would lap up eagerly and which would also prove to be of interest to anyone using smartphones.


People planning to buy new tech products do extensive research these days before making the final purchase decision. Toshiba’s target audience is no different. They especially rely on video reviews where they get to see the product and the ways in which it can be used. Review sites are their next point of reference.


Catering to the tastes of Toshiba’s tech savvy customers, three videos were made for the campaign:

  1. a) Unboxing of Toshiba Canviofor smartphones: Leveraging the popularity of unboxing videos, we created this video to give viewers a clear idea of what the product contained and the accessories they would receive with it.
  2. b) How to Setup Toshiba Canvio For Smartphones?: This tutorial video showed how to connect and use the product, the purpose of downloading the Content Manager App from Google Play-store, and the step-by-step procedure to backup and restore Android smartphone data.
  3. c) Smartphone user’s reaction on Toshiba Canvio: In this video, three different kinds of users who were given Toshiba Canvio for Smartphones, recorded their personal opinions on the product.
  4. d) To make sure that users looking for online reviews could stumble upon these videos ,an article of Toshiba Canvio for smartphones was put up on Feedbaac.com (now wowlyst.com) portal with all three videos embedded into it.A link presenting the lowest price of the Toshiba Canvio for Smartphones from e-commerce websites was strategically placed along with it.This article was promoted using native advertising platform, Taboola. It was promoted on the basis of the consumer behavior of tech savvy web surfers targeting specifically in the UAE. Digital promotion was done across 100+ websites, accessed by internet users from this region. The websites chosen were tech sites, news portals, well known lifestyle portals, regional web portals, etc.

Smart Results:

The 2 week campaign produced fantastic results that exceeded expectations. On Taboola platform and YouTube,we created 15 million impressions for branded content in UAE.

A total of 7705 clicks were received during the sponsored content. The campaign successfully did what it set out to do with a simple and smart strategy that appealed to technology buffs in the UAE. Mission accomplished!

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