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Social Media Shopping

Promote multiple products and
inspire shopping through social media with engaging carousels and lifestyle images - all packed into a single ad.

Social Media Shopping Ads Management
in Dubai

Being one of the leading social media ad management agencies in Dubai, we open a new way to amplify your business and drive brand awareness with a social media shopping experience that your customers will remember.

With dynamic ads, you can promote tailored products from your shop catalog to users who are interested in your products or similar products on social media. Our experts open a full spectrum of options to match the right audience by targeting the right age ranges, interests, geographical areas and much more with mobile optimized designs and formats.

Advantages Of Social Media Shopping Advertising

Promote more products

With multi-product carousel ads for your products, users get to browse more products via social media platforms from a single ad. Our experts choose the best products and tell a story to draw users to browse the products and engage with them.

Products are dynamically targeted to users based on their purchase intent or the things they are looking for. Social media shopping ads take them a step ahead to help them make the purchase decision.

Boost SEO and gain quality traffic

Though ads don’t directly impact SEO, with shopping ads a qualified audience interested in your products can boost your Google rankings and draw quality traffic to the website.

People interested in your products are likely to browse more products on the website and spend more time on it. This will reduce the website bounce-rate which is a huge metric for SEO. Interested users are more likely to revisit the website, bringing quality traffic to your website.

Customer & Brand loyalty

We create shopping ads with smarter data and insights to find the users who are most likely to take actions unique to your business goals.

From data ranging from people who have purchased in the past 90 days to those who have reached the checkout page, our targeted ads drive the customers to make repurchases and build customer loyalty on the go.

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