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Social Media Marketing
Increase brand visibility, build & cultivate relationships with customers, engage in real-time interactions, reduce marketing costs and expand market reach with a smart social media marketing plan.

Being a social media marketing agency in Dubai, we have been creating social media magic since 2006. Through the years, we’ve helped brands in the region craft effective social media strategies, execute social media campaigns across different channels, create engagement and measure results.

Social media has changed tremendously over the years and so have we evolved as a social media marketing agency along with the changing trends. One thing that has remained constant is our mission to create marketing innovations in social media and giving the best to our clients. With a strategic approach, we have always been able to generate leads, engage customers, expand the audience, drive sales, increase web traffic, and gain valuable insights for our clients.

Wondering what we can do for your brand’s social media? Check out the special services that we have on offer for you.

Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai

We blend strategy and creativity to give you benefits that extend far beyond increasing sales. Our Digital Marketing Strategies helps To Grow brand awareness, increase traffic, promote products & services and do much more!

Creating brand recognition is the first step towards an effective social media marketing plan. We get audiences to look at your brand and connect with it even when they are not thinking about it. We generate conversations around it while also making consumers feel valued. By thus building customer loyalty you enjoy their patronage and they stay engaged and happy – it’s a win-win! Our social media marketing strategies backed by smart SEO also assist in sending customers directly to your site.

Get in touch with our team to discover a whole new world of opportunities for your brand with our Social Media Marketing services.

Branded Content

Entertain your audience with content that raises brand awareness. Enjoy greater credibility and give your audience something they would love to share on social media.

We at Kreata Global are always working towards creating content that entertains, inspires and engages. It is all about content in context: we provide your audience with something of value which relates to your brand as well as the customer’s interests. With a team that is buzzing with ideas and specializes in creating all forms of content pieces – creative posts, engaging GIFs, informative blog articles, snack-sized videos, story-telling films, and edifying vlogs – we help you roll out content with a unique personality, concept and connection with customers.

If you’re looking to up your content game, you are at the right place.

Consumer Promotions

Find new customers, reward existing customers, enhance the value of your product, and give customers multiple reasons to keep coming back to you. Reap the benefits of our well thought out Consumer Promotions.

The purpose of any consumer sales promotion is to achieve the brand’s business objectives and we make sure this is met with a social media connect. With our social consumer promotions, we help you acquire new customers, create brand engagement and drive in greater revenue. With the right insights on consumers’ buying patterns and decisions, we help you get amazing results on every promotion.

Partner with us for Consumer Promotions that help your brand create a robust relationship with your customers.

Influencer Marketing

Enrich your content strategy, quickly build trust, improve brand awareness and effectively reach your target audience with a winning partnership – say hello to Influencer Marketing!

Working with a social media influencer whose niche aligns with your products is the most effective way of conveying your message to a relevant audience. It doesn’t appear pushy and even gives your audience information they consider valuable. This helps gain new customers quicker and drive more conversions. Suitable for all kinds of businesses regardless of size or industry, Influencer Marketing always assures a better payoff.

Join hands with us for Influencer Marketing solutions that are easy on the wallet and aid your content strategy meaningfully.

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