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Social Media Marketing Case Study: Rainbow Milk Pet A Cow

Most tea lovers in the GCC wake up to a cup of delicious Rainbow Milk tea to have a good start to their day. How about letting them strike a friendship with the cows that bring them this fresh and delicious milk? A little brainstorming around this thought, and the Pet a Cow campaign was born!

So how did we do it? We urged fans to visit www.rainbowpetcow.com where they could choose from a selection of cow images, to be their pet cow. They could give it an adorable name, submit their own contact details and the stage was set for a friendship like never before.

Registered users then received personalised emails, videos and gifts that spoke of their pet cow’s blissful life in the European meadows. They could send their love and the ever so generous cows always returned it.

This engaging, emotional and unheard brand story created results that surpassed all expectations. The total Instagram reach was a whopping 2.1 million.

On Facebook we had 68% audience penetration and the total campaign reach was more than 4.49 million. On Youtubea unique reach of 628,453 was garnered with 37% VTR which had a 75% completion rate. In 90 days the total impressions on Youtube were 13.2 million.

By helping establish a friendship beyond boundaries, we brought our consumers closer to the Rainbow Milk family. Theygot a real glimpse of what makes Rainbow Milk so special and the natural goodness it contains. The unlikely friendship across time and distance also strengthened the bond between brand and consumer.

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