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Social Media Marketing Case Study: Bayara Mother's Day Campaign


We usually forget to say thank you to one of the most important person in our lives – our Mothers. Bayara is a brand that speaks directly to Mothers through Social Media and this Mother’s Day we wanted to give them credit where it’s due, for all the love, care, meals, hugs and guidance.


One of Bayara’s primary social media target audiences are mothers themselves, making this day a very significant one for the brand.Mother’s Day is the kind of day that is celebrated the world over, which means there’s a lot of content being published. So, how do we create an engaging Mother’s Day content, which stands out amidst all the other wishes?


We made a unique social video using placard messages.We asked individuals to write out a Mother’s Day message, thanking their Mothers for teaching them or giving them something precious in their lives. These placards were held by the individuals and a video compiling the messages was shot. The video also worked as a ‘sound off’ format, so viewers who came across the video on their timelines were immediately engaged.

Smart Results:

The video touched its mark, with a simple message that was unique and relatable to mothers from all walks of life. We also ensured that the video was social media friendly, taking cues from our own fanbase who wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to their mothers. We touched the hearts of 188,050 fans, with a reach of 806,916 users and our video was shared over 300 times.

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