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How Quanta Ice Cream got the attention of young adults using the Xtreme factor

About the Brand

Quanta Ice Cream is a premium ice cream brand based in GCC, primarily targeting the teenagers and young adults who are enthusiastic, adventurous and seekers of the thrill, or the XTREME factor. As Quanta delivers the Xtreme factor via its taste, it aims at those who look for nothing less of the Xtreme in their lives.


While Quanta Ice Cream has been advocating the concept of the Xtreme for a while, it is mostly considered a premium ice cream and not one for the Xtreme lovers. So creating an adventurous challenge with Quanta playing a significant role seemed like a step towards getting closer to the Xtreme factor, gradually moving away from the premium tonality.


To get influencers who are into Xtreme adventures to involve with the brand and create captivating videos to garner the attention of those into the Xtreme factor

Campaign Objective

To promote Quanta Ice Creams by associating with influencers who are into adventurous activities such as skiing and parkour, and to create contents that are appealing to our target audience, in the line of #QuantaXtreme.

Influencers approached

– Mohamed Moulay: A former Moroccan National Ski Team member and an experienced race coach, who currently works as the Alpine Ski Racing Coach at Ski Dubai, and is the Head Coach for Ski Dubai Sponsored Athletes. (www.instagram.com/themoroccan_skier)

– Barbary: A Parkour expert who currently works as a coach at Parkour Dubai. (www.instagram.com/pk_barbarian)


The respective influencers did their acts around the brand, and the results were astounding!

– Mohamed Moulay skis with Skier (Quanta reel, Influencer reel)

– Barbary parkours towards Quanta (Quanta reel, Influencer reel)

We received an average of 22% engagement rate through the said activity videos, which garnered the attention of the audience and made them talk about the #QuantaXtreme factor. The videos also did pretty good on the respective influencers’ pages, giving Quanta Ice Cream a wider reach among its target audience, particularly those interested in parkour and skiing.

Parkour Video

Skier Video


The #QuantaXtreme factor will be explored further, delving into various realms of Xtreme Gaming, Xtreme Sports and Xtreme Adventure.

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