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Performance Marketing Case Study: LuluHypermarket.com


Electronics is an essential purchase during certain periods of the year, and luluhypermarket.com wanted to capture the consideration of potential buyers.

The aim was to drive traffic towards the website and convert clicks to category sales.


Consumers are barraged by a large number of retailers competing for digital space and attention during the year. We needed to make luluhypermarket.com the first choice in the digital space, converting browsers into buyers.


Each day of the campaign featured a unique ad in terms of offers and categories highlighted. Moreover, as a large ecommerce giant luluhypermarket.com already had the advantage of providing a vast array of products across multiple categories.

Smart Idea:

Quality not quantity was the idea behind our Display & Retargeting ads. Products were divided into categories and the website was retargeted to visitors and past buyers. Through remarketing we were able to ensure that we reached the most relevant audience.

But we wanted to do more than just target the audience, we wanted to smartly predict their buying habits for better results. Using Google Pixels, we captured sales data and optimized the campaign for high value users. We analysed consumers’ website behaviours and booking engine abandonment, while Lookalike Modelling profiled the most valuable consumers. Dynamic retargeting captured users who had a high tendency for conversion, leading to sales.

Smart Results:

The display campaign was an amazing success with 2.4 million impressions being generated. During the peak electronics shopping season our conversion rate doubled, with a 40% decrease in the cost per conversion!

Our luluhypermarket.com campaign set a new standard for website traffic and conversions, with an exponential increase in transactions and revenue for the brand.

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