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    Case Study
    Bayara Lunch Box

    Bayara Lunch Box

    What do all moms have in common?

    Their first thought in the morning – What to pack into my child’s lunchbox!

    Throw in a few more questions like – Breakfast? Snacks? Supper? Will they like it? Is it healthy? Add to it the changing preferences of kids, the limited time moms get for cooking and the fact that they get little to no help in the kitchen. And tada! You have the perfect recipe for a mother’s daily dilemma. When Bayara wanted to engage its audience for the Back to School season, we decided to reach out to moms – the ones managing the changes that school time brings.

    As the market leader in nuts, dried fruits and spices in the Middle East, Bayara is a brand close to mothers. Back to School was a great time for Bayara to tell mothers that it understood how challenging it is to be creative and non-repetitive while cooking for kids. According to a research, moms get just 7 minutes on weekdays for preparing breakfast. The question was, how do we get their attention while they are already hard pressed for time?

    We found the answer in the Facebook Messenger – an app that all smartphones have by default.By turning it into a helpful ChatBot, we could give mothers fun, quick and tasty recipes right on their phones!Thus the Bayara Lunchbox Chef was born. The Chatbot via Facebook Messenger created a one-on-one interaction with moms and helped them make school-day breakfast, lunch & snacks easier with selected Bayara Recipes. All they had to do was subscribe to the BOT to get the recipes in their inbox.

    Dozens of recipes were compiled based on permutations and combinations of food preference (Veg/Non-Veg), Age group (toddlers, pre-teens, teens), and meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks). Chat blasts were made to BOT subscribers at regular intervals, namely, in the evening to give moms enough prep time to cook it for the next school day. The best part? All the recipes could be whipped up in a matter of 5-6 minutes – just what busy modern moms want!

    To ensure that the BOT reached as many mothers as possible, we created a number of post and messenger ads urging mothers to subscribe to it. These posts were promoted throughout the campaign. In the duration of 5 weeks we had more than 1600 BOT subscribers with whom we engaged repeatedly through ChatBlasts. In the midst of the noisy back to school promotions where brands were clamouring for attention, mothers kept sending us messages of appreciation and gratitude. We had a ‘mission accomplished’ moment right there.

    By making the best use of technology in a way that appealed to mothers on a personal level, we were able to add value to their lives. The ChatBot turned out to be a friend for many moms who were more than eager to get ideas for a meal that their kids would love. Let’s just say The Bayara Lunchbox Chef helped mothers pack lunchboxes that came back home empty!

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