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Google Shopping Advertising

Boost your sales and revenue through
our Google Shopping Advertising services. A team of specialists use a combination of Ad targeting strategies and build a clear, intuitive, funnel-like campaign structure to help you turn users into buyers.

Use Google Ads to improve your product sales and to get the most from your Ad spend. With Google's sophisticated remarketing capabilities, combined with our strategic approach to the consumer's purchase cycle, reaching your potential customers are now made easier with less ad spend

Google Shopping Ads Management Services
for eCommerce In Dubai

With Shopping ads, you can reach customers who are already searching for the products you sell. By evaluating your advertising placements, scheduling & ad content our team makes sure that the ad spend is kept to the lowest and helps you reach your potential customers within the estimated budget. Using specific related terms in ads, our campaigns focus on the areas that give the best possible competitive outcome. With A/B testing campaigns, we ensure that you spend money only on top converting product listing ads that drive the best ROI.

Our advanced audience targeting makes use of the customers who already know your brand. Using your customer or lead data, we create hyper-targeted audience segments usable across different channels.

Improve Relevant Traffic To Your Website
And Increase Product Sales

We design a performance-based strategy focused on boosting ROI and sales growth. With our customized listing campaigns, we get your products in front of the right audience by ranking ads on top of the search results.

Google Shopping has become a profitable marketing channel for many e-commerce businesses. With Shopping ads, you get higher conversion rates than any other campaign types. We help you develop a strategy-driven campaign structure that is optimized to increase conversions while driving down your CPC rates.

Our Strategy For a Successful Shopping Campaign

Tiered Campaign Structure

We’ll use our expertise to decrease your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) by organizing a tiered campaign structure. Our team ensures that you will get an optimized CPC by breaking out everything into tiers based on campaign priority. This approach ensures a higher ROI for all business sizes.

Optimized Product Feed

Product feeds are the central component to enacting Google Shopping campaigns that convert. Our efficacious Google Shopping feed optimizations help boost your SERP visibility. Our ROI-demanding approach will help you sell more products while increasing your net profit margins.

Granular Targeting And Bidding

Google shopping Ads Granular targeting and bidding help obtain more impressions and traffic to the e-commerce site. We help you reach the right people when they're looking for your product. Our team delivers scalable campaigns and maximizes your ROI by creating in-depth, remarketing audiences. With Google shopping ads granular targeting, we make sure that you spend your money with the right target audience that convert into customers versus those who don’t.

Negative Keyword Research

Identification of negative keywords helps to eliminate searches that aren't looking for the products you provide, improving the value and relevance of your Google shopping ad campaign efforts. Our team at Kreata Global conducts successful experiments with campaigns centred around specific keyphrases based on who arrives at landing pages via exact-match keywords.

Testing & Optimization

Our teams of experts at Kreata Global take the time to research your competitors, industry niche, understand your market goals and product catalog. We'll focus on learning which of your products generate the highest profit margins, your break-even return on ad spend, and which products and product categories are most important for you to promote.

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