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Digital Publishing

Tapping into the full potential of the digital medium, we have been creating some eye catching and engaging content online ever since we came into business. Our array of digital publishing services such as blogs and branded content are sure to get people talking about you. We ensure that your brand’s digital content reaches the right audience and reaps the right results. We create and publish content on exclusive platforms for your brand and also on sites we manage such as and Call us to roll out digital content that speaks volumes for you.

Our digital publishing services:

Branded Content

Successful branded content resonates on an emotional level and evokes instant brand connect. Through thoughtful blogs, videos, newsletters and articles we take your brand a step closer to the consumer. We also publish branded content on our own platform, Wowlyst (formerly Feedbaac).

Content Commerce

Content ultimately needs to boost sales. On an ecommerce site, content is everything. It is what entices people to click on the Buy Now button. With us you can explore different ways of driving sales through content commerce tools like blogs, how-to guides, e-catalogues and more.

Content Writing

Smart content written for your specific target audience is what we specialise in. Whether your consumers like facts upfront, emotional, poetic, elaborate or crisp, our wordsmiths are here to deliver what you are looking for. We also offer Arabic localization for Arabic-speaking markets.