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Digital Media Buying

Buy it right and get the best results. Find more value in every dollar spend.
In a complex world of digital advertising, buying it at the right price is an important factor in overall campaign success.

As a smart digital advertising agency, the adtech buying team at Kreata Global has formed strong partnerships with publishers and supply side platforms around the world.

Brand Campaigns

We believe in combining logic, expertise and emotion to create campaigns that will propel your brand to new heights on digital media. From media planning using the right tools and insights to buying media at the best rates, we have your back covered and we deliver results beyond just vanity metrics.

As a top digital media buying and planning agency in Dubai, our team consists of specialists in a wide range of domains like direct buying, programmatic buying, native advertising, sequential storytelling and social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Programmatic Buying

When results and conversions matter the most, programmatic buying helps you reach the right audience at the right cost. Our expert team can plan and execute your programmatic buying campaign, thereby showing your ads based on ‘who’ is watching it, instead of ‘where’ it is being shown, thereby helping you pay only for the right impression and avoiding wastage.

Today, our clients ranging from FMCG brands to e-commerce giants benefit from our expertise in programmatic buying using DSPs, DMPs and other audience based advertising mediums including mobile-centric and in-app networks.

Case Studies
Quanta – Win With Quanta
Consumer campaign that thrilled the young audience!
Industry: FMCG
Markets: GCC Countries

Quanta Ice Creams have always been the cool favorite for the adventurous and thrill-seeking youth. was an online platform created to support a thrilling consumer campaign with instant prizes for Quanta Ice cream lovers.

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Rainbow Milk Sequential Advertising
Making a nutritious breakfast part of the story, every day.
Industry: FMCG
Markets: KSA

Most families complain that there’s usually no time for breakfast. We wanted to change that response into, let’s make time for breakfast.

View case study Performance Campaign
Bringing the right audience to the right destination
Industry: E-commerce
Markets: UAE

Electronics is an essential purchase during certain periods of the year, and wanted to capture the consideration of potential buyers.

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