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Digital Advertising

Digital Media Planning

Say goodbye to the days of ‘spraying and praying’. Ensure your digital ads are reaching the right audience.

There is no substitute for good planning when advertising online. Remove the clutter and demystify the complexities involved in achieving the right impressions with the right audience.

Digital advertising has opened many avenues to reach your audience, but unless you plan and execute it right, you might be ‘spraying and praying’ that you have reached the right audience. In this age of adtech, whether building brands, or driving sales, we help our clients get the most from this rapidly evolving ecosystem, planning for ‘precision advertising’ is guaranteed to bring best bang for your bucks.

At Kreata, a smart digital advertising agency, we cover the entire gamut when it comes to advertising formats – from Display to Video ads, from native ads to mobile advertising like in-app and browser ads to Remarketing using emails and custom audiences.

Digital Media Buying

In a complex world of digital advertising, buying it at the right price is an important factor in overall campaign success.

As a smart digital advertising agency, the adtech buying team at Kreata Global has formed strong partnerships with publishers and supply side platforms around the world.

Brand Campaigns
We believe in combining logic, expertise and emotion to create campaigns that will propel your brand to new heights on digital media. From media planning using the right tools and insights to buying media at the best rates, we have your back covered and we deliver results beyond just vanity metrics.

As a top digital media buying and planning agency in Dubai, our team consists of specialists in a wide range of domains like direct buying, programmatic buying, native advertising, sequential storytelling and social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Audience focused
When results and conversions matter the most, programmatic buying helps you reach the right audience at the right cost. Our expert team can plan and execute your programmatic buying campaign, thereby showing your ads based on ‘who’ is watching it, instead of ‘where’ it is being shown, thereby helping you pay only for the right impression and avoiding wastage.

Today, our clients ranging from FMCG brands to e-commerce giants benefit from our expertise in programmatic buying using DSPs, DMPs and other audience based advertising mediums including mobile-centric and in-app networks.

Performance Marketing

When conversions and results matter for your campaign, we deliver beyond what we commit.

Your objective can be e-commerce sales, registrations, lead generations, download and installs, or even targeting users based on hyper-local level (around a geographic location), we deliver results that help achieve your marketing ROI.

As a top performance marketing agency, we rely more on real-time data and conversion strategies instead of assumptions for performance campaigns. We work on cost per lead, cost per acquisition and online lead generation campaigns based on this expertise.

Influencer Marketing

Find, connect and associate with the right online stars to amplify your story.

Your audience is not keen on being sold anything. Convince them using the influence of influencers.

Working directly with influencers and their agents can be a little draining. We have a dedicated influencer management team who has been working with the minds that matter for campaigns ranging from FMCG to fashion.

Kreata Global is rooted in a deep history and understanding of social media and influencer markets. We will match your brand with relevant influencers who will become true ambassadors for your brand. From strategy to content creation to execution, Kreata Global will fully develop and manage your customized influencer marketing program. We have created some smart social media influencer marketing campaigns for brands ranging from impulsive ice creams to high involvement fashion e-commerce.

As a leading digital influencer marketing agency in Dubai, we work with influencers across various tiers ranging from celebs to power users.

Social Media Advertising

Target the right audience for your social messages and build communities that are relevant

Social advertising has become a complex function with numerous options across various function. Define your objective and we will have the right solution for you.

The right social media advertising tool depends on your objective. Build communities, amplify your videos, increase downloads to your app or drive traffic to your website with effective social advertising.We believe in combining logic, expertise and emotion to create campaigns that will propel your brand to new heights on social media.

Our social media advertising agency team consists of specialists in a wide range of domains like sequential storytelling, hyper local advertising and social media advertising on Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, YouTube advertising, Snapchat advertising, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn advertising etc.

Search Marketing and Analytics

Search Marketing
Invest in user traffic with an intent to buy. Don’t be left out from search pages for relevant keywords

Intent to buy! The three magical words that make search advertising so powerful. Be there on top of the list when your core customer is searching for you.

It is said that if your business is not on the first page of SERP (search engine results page), you don’t exist online. Our qualified search specialists will ensure that you don’t miss a prospect.

Our search team is a lab of sorts! Kreata Global offers a fully integrated and holistic approach to search engine marketing (SEM) which looks at the bigger picture to exceed businesses requirements. We combine the two main disciplines of search engine marketing – search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) in a single integrated marketing strategy.

From basic ‘search health checkups’ to more complex Google Merchant Centers, product listing ads, Google Shopping Ads and Dynamic re-marketing, we have proud nerds crunching data and keyword combinations to help convey the brand story.

If it can’t be measured, it isn’t digital marketing. Analyse data and find insights that are important.

If we look at the data the right way, there are insights hiding in every analytical data. If it is not measurable, it is not modern marketing. We believe in innovative analysis to support and optimize your digital marketing efforts.

Our Google and Web Analytics Consultants bring together technical dexterity, scientific integrity and smart thinking on the possibilities of the digital world. When they confront business problems with this approach, smart results are natural.

We use various web analytic tools to predict and execute media campaigns. We have tied up with best of breed analytics and third-party tracking services to ensure that our clients get the media they are paying for. After all, if an activity can’t be effectively measured towards an objective, is it really a marketing activity in this digital era?

Content Marketing

Engage viewers with storytelling tactics with a brand connect. Disseminate it using the right publisher medium.

An ultimate dream for a modern marketer is to have a nice, little one-liner storyline about his brand in his customer’s mind. In today’s attention economy, this requires impactful storytelling.

How can we help you create content that speaks for you or what your brand stands for? How can we help you amplify it? From ideas to production and dissemination, we have the right solution.

Branded content gets customer attention and hits them emotionally – the same way movies work. We believe in the power of good branded content and how a vehicle for information or entertainment can also function to promote a brand. Our ad specialists, along with branded content creation team at Kreata Global, can create compelling content and viral marketing strategies that have a real impact on your brand.

Though great branded content can come in many forms, our team will suggest ways to make it entertaining and relevant to your audience. We will ensure that the fine balance between the story, the brand and the media vehicle is maintained.