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Custom eCommerce
In PHP Framework

Build your ecommerce website with a flexible and cost-efficient PHP framework. Our expert team crafts feature-rich websites with PHP without compromising the architecture, security or all the essential features your ecommerce website has to offer.

eCommerce PHP Development Company

Having an ecommerce-based website is the ultimate solution to increase sales and sell a wide range of products.

PHP is one of the widely used programming languages for web development with all the reputed CMS using PHP as a base for programming language. Creating an e-commerce website with the PHP framework is cost-effective, secure and more flexible for changes. Being an open-source language, development in PHP framework requires less building and maintenance cost.

One of the main advantages is its flexibility and the fact that it supports many servers and more than 15 databases, allowing PHP to create more cross-platform applications. It can also be integrated easily with Javascript and other programming languages. The flexible nature will enable you to proceed with functionality changes of projects at any time.

PHP frameworks use a Model-view-controller architecture that allows better documentation and includes several built-in applications. CodeIgniter is the only framework that helps test-driven development which allows the developer to develop and test the application simultaneously.

Market Analysis & Development Strategy

With customer service at the core of every business, businesses need to keep the websites user-friendly to grow your audience and attract new customers.

Our team at Kreata creates a development strategy by studying the competitors, how consumers perceive your competitor's services, and starts developing your e-commerce website based on the findings. With the PHP framework, your website is more flexible to make changes based on industry trends.

Easy To Use Interface

Our PHP open source eCommerce development services can help you create web applications catering to a global audience with a clean and fast interface. In the competitive landscape, details like load time and user-friendly interface are significantly important. Our development team has the expertise to innovate high performing eCommerce web application build with PHP frameworks for better engagement and the results you can count on.

Fast Development & Deployment

By blending all our technology power, we work closely with our customers to avoid expensive mistakes and constantly use the stable version of a PHP framework. As one of the best open-source eCommerce development companies, we ensure quality that matches your brand vision and goals on every aspect of the website.

CodeIgniter eCommerce Development

Codelgniter is a robust PHP framework used to build dynamic applications that works swiftly and effectively due to its dynamic features. If you are looking for a more secure eCommerce website, the CodeIgniter framework could be the perfect choice.

Codelgniter has the best plugin repository. Whenever a new feature is required for your website, CodeIgniter has a huge pool of plugins to choose from, so you can add custom features to the website without spending more development hours on it. Our experts at Kreata Global help you to implement third-party plugins, which can be used to simplify complicated functionalities on websites.

Codelgniter provides easy migration between servers; it is easy to move data irrespective of where it is kept or where you want to move. Our experienced Codeigniter developers offer a hassle-free CodeIgniter migration service with safe and secure transfer of your data.

Laravel eCommerce Development

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework used for the development of web applications. Its fast and broad functionality makes laravel the most used PHP framework, with 25% of apps being developed in laravel.

One of the essential features of laravel is its high-class security; it takes care of the security within its framework. It safeguards its risk from SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and more.

The laravel framework was built to serve the purpose of security and database migration. The pairing of migrations ensures that databases are created without recreating the database.

Planning to build your e-commerce website on the PHP network? Our team will help you create a secure and user-friendly website that matches your business goals and vision. Contact our experts to get started!

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