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The Unconventional National Day Campaign for Igloo Ice Creams, that created Ice Cream Ripples!

About the Brand

Igloo is an Ice cream brand based out of the UAE, which happens to be as old as UAE. It was established back in 1970 and this year, while UAE marked a milestone year of 50th National Day, the brand also set out on a mission to evoke the sense of nostalgia in Emiratis.

The brand has a stronghold in the market, being the only ice cream in the GCC with no artificial colors. Serving happiness in cups, bars, tubs, sticks, cones, sandwiches, and multi-packs; Igloo ice cream comes in tons of flavors.

Campaign Objective

Being a sweet treat that the majority of people grew up with, Igloo was always available everywhere and anywhere; starting from supermarkets to little roadside stores. The main objective to celebrate the momentous occasion was to create an engagement with the customers of Igloo Ice creams while capturing the essence of the UAE through nostalgia.

The team came up with an idea to curate an entire quiz game on Instagram that featured all the seven emirates of the UAE, but with an exciting touch to keep it relevant.


This quiz was one of a kind treasure hunt because it wasn’t a straightforward click-the-answer kind of a quiz. We wanted to combine the fun activity while celebrating the strong custom of the UAE and highlighting the brand legacy too.

This was designed in a manner that led the users from one page to another, as per the choices they make, without having to download an external app. The quiz had to bounce from one Instagram profile to another, guiding the way through the answers for users.

The best part about curating the quiz was the fact that we moved away from the cliche comment-based picture-based activities, and gave a fresh touch to the celebration and contest part.


The idea of designing a quiz based on the model of a digital treasure hunt was implemented seamlessly by keeping the little details in mind.

The quiz began from the Instagram page of Igloo and went forward from thereon. Users could play by tapping the answers and moving ahead to follow the profiles. It included three stages in total, starting from selecting the emirate you wish to take the quiz about landmarks to answer the question based on each landmark. Then the quiz went ahead towards answering a question related to the brand. The final post had users comment on the post for the lucky draw.


The quiz turned out super easy to follow, user-friendly, engaging, and fun to be a part of. Just within a few hours of going live, the ultimate pictures of the quiz had more than 100 comments.

Not just that! The campaign also continued to go strong till 2nd December while UAE marched its glorious way of celebrating the 50th year of being into existence.

Indeed an engaging campaign, done right.

With the campaign crafted so carefully and creatively, the results were amazing too!

Total Reach – 1,215,937

Total Comments – 1302 (on the final quiz post)
Total Clicks – 1923
Shares – 386

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