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Why You Should Invest In Google Shopping Ads To Grow Your Online Business

Mar 03 , 2021

Ever since its launch in 2012, Google Shopping Ads have been hailed as one of the most popular and effective methods used by eCommerce websites across the globe to market and sell their products online. Google Shopping Ads, also called Product Listing Ads (PLAs), enable the products on your online store to appear on Google’s search engine result pages.

Google Shopping Ads are featured in such a way that a user gets to see all the vital details of a product at glance, such as its photos, price, and merchant name. This is a fruitful technique to drive the users directly to your eCommerce website, rather than showing them a link and a description using text-based ads. Latest statistics suggest that more than 50% of the Google Ad budget has now been shifted from traditional text-based ads to shopping ads.

What Makes Google Shopping Ads Special?

Display your product on SERPs – A user doesn’t need to visit your website to see your product if it’s displayed as a Google Shopping Ad. A user who searched for a particular product through a relevant keyword can view your ad including all the necessary details. Once you grab their attention, it’s easier for you to drive them to your website.

Good Quality Traffic – Since the traffic to your eCommerce website driven by Google Shopping Ads originates from SERPs, it’s obvious that the users are already interested in the type of product you sell. This ensures traffic and leads that are qualified by intent, not by demographics or any other arbitrary data. Shopping ads always drive interested users into your website while unwanted traffic is filtered out on its own.

Easy Management – You can customize your ads to products and their categories based on the data you submit to Google Merchant Center. This creates a product feed that includes every vital information about your product. Google uses the product feed information to match with a user’s search query. This makes the intensity of keyword research is relatively less here, in fact, you don’t even have to use a single keyword to set up the ad. Unlike other forms of Google Ads, shopping ads are easy to track and manage.

Investing In Google Shopping Ads

Lowest Cost-per-click – One of the greatest attractions of Google Shopping Ads is that you can bid your products for the lowest CPC, typically ranging from $1 – $2, whereas text-based ads cost four to five times more. This is more than a fair deal especially for an online store, where your products are better off displayed rather than described. With the right optimization procedures and a proper campaign strategy, shopping ads give you relatively the lowest CPC.

Always on Top – Since the competition is high, you need your website to be ranked on top, all the time. Google shopping ads let your products, thereby your eCommerce website appear at the very top on SERPs, even above the text-based ads. This makes the reach and potential engagement higher. The awesome cherry on top of the regular cherry of the ice cream is that since it speaks with the users visually. This increases the intrigue and interest created among users, and CTR becomes exceptionally high.

Showcase Your Product Range – Your online business must be selling a wide range of products, but you might be known for only one kind of product. Google Shopping Ads lets you expand your market by enabling you to sell a wide range of products. Shopping ads provide an interesting add-on called Showcase Shopping Ads that let you classify related products in your inventory and showcase them together. This enables you to show your product range to the users. This, of course, will lift the brand value and it’s a good way to reach users who like your current product with your new arrivals.

Higher Conversion Rate – As mentioned earlier, the intent of people seeing your shopping ad is clear. Users seeing your ad are already searching for the product your sell. With the right choice of images, descriptions, and pricing, you can easily convert them into your loyal customers. Shopping Ads even lets you segregate your products using custom labels by different parameters such as age, stock, gender who use the products, price, and so on. This lets you monitor the performance of your products as well as your ads, as well as bring in the ‘right’ leads for each type of product. This ensures higher conversion rates and lower CPC, increasing your ROI.

If you run an eCommerce business, Google Shopping Ads are completely effective and bounteous provided it reaches users in the best way possible. It guarantees higher conversions, quality leads, and low CPC. If you take care of is setting up a unique Google Shopping Ads campaign with stunning product photos, optimized descriptions, and proper product feed data, you can get a higher ROI beyond your imagination. With the help of a team of experts in Google Shopping Ads, you can devise a strategy that holds the potential to outrank your competitors. So, it’s high time you invest your marketing funds into Google Shopping Ads so that you get higher sales and ROI.