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The Latest Instagram Features Every Marketer Must Know

Apr 23 , 2022

Instagram loves surprising us, and since the beginning of the year, the content sharing app has been developing new features and functionalities that have caught the attention of creators and brands alike. Here are some of those innovative features you may look into.

Link customization in Stories

Earlier, we were provided with a sticker, which when tapped on opens an external link. However, if one had to add a call-to-action, they would have to work on a different text, until now. With the new link customization feature, users can now enter their custom call-to-action text.

Chronological order of the feed

Earlier this year, Instagram announced that they are testing a chronological order of the feed. This essentially means providing the user with three new options (Home, Favorites, and Following), so that everyone can choose how they prefer to see the order of the posts in their home screen. The respective features are as follows:

– Home will work as it is now and will give the same user experience as we all know it, where this algorithm ranks the content based on how interested it thinks the user will be.

– Favourites will show the posts from the accounts which the users have indicated to be their favourite accounts

– Following will show a chronological list of the accounts the users follow, which basically is the old way of ordering the posts in most of the social media apps.


This is specifically important for creators and influencers, as it is a new way for them to make more money on Instagram with bigger predictability. Subscriptions will allow creators to monetize and become closer to their followers solely through their content. Subscriptions will allow three different types of features that users can enjoy:

– Subscriber Lives – Where creators can go live for their subscribers

– Subscriber Stories – These will be marked with a purple ring so subscribers will know that they are being published solely for them

– Subscriber Badges – Subscribers will get a purple badge, which will help the creators differentiate them in DMs and comments.

Scheduling Live in Instagram profile

This new feature is designed to enable users to separate the Live from their posts or Stories and schedule it on their profile. To make this feature more visible, profiles will be provided with a badge containing information of the schedule live. Additionally, the creator’s followers will be able to opt in to get a notification the moment the Live is available.

Quick Share

The new feature has been creating quite a wave on Instagram, especially because it enables a user to directly share any Instagram post to those friends with whom they have been sharing content frequently. The feature is easy to use and is a step-up way to share content faster in the DM, making it an instant hit among the younger audience.

All of this sounds exciting, doesn’t it? With more provision provided for creators and brands to experiment and be creative with their communications, all that is left to see is how far can they go to create innovative communications that capture the interest of their audience.