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Social media marketing through the eyes of Generation Z

Oct 21 , 2021

Generation Z, or baby boomers as they are often called, is the first generation to grow up with full access to digital communication technology. Most people in this generation live their life brand-focused as brands showcase values and ethical standards of living. This very brand-focused life drives them to be the prime target audience of social media marketers.

Generation Z people are known to be a practical life-oriented group of people who avoid any kind of labeling. They do a proper and in-depth evaluation of all the available options from various sources before making their purchase of any product.

In simple words, the future of social media marketing lies in the hands of Generation Z.

Influence of Ads on generation z and how to focus them through paid ads?

Treat Gen Z as adults in paid ads

Generation Z people are considered to be a more educated and technologically advanced group of people compared to all other previous generations. Hence, it is very important to stop patronizing people of Generation Z and start treating them as adults. Remember to focus on their area of interest while making paid ads.

Create Paid Ads for Multiple Social Channels

It is often said that Generation Z is a bunch of people whose diet is social media. Yes, the majority of the people from this generation spend a lot of time on various social media for different purposes. Thus, while creating paid ads try implementing them on all possible social media platforms to gain more attention which indeed leads to maximum reach and increased profit. Also, it is important to remember that not all products can be advertised on every platform.

Hence, make sure to choose the right platform according to the nature of your products.

Showcase Low Price Points in Your Paid Ads Targeted at Generation Z

A large majority of Generation Z people are youngsters who are just about to start their careers. So, obviously, they wouldn’t be financially stable. Thus, it is a must to ensure that the rate of your products depicted through ads is of an affordable range and up to the value for Generation Z too.

Money is one of the prime factors that decide the purchase of your product. So, it is best advised to price your products in a cheap range at the beginning. Promoting offers and discounts too would help to capture the attention of generation z people.

Social media strategies for generation Z

Often boomers spend much time on social media and rely upon it for education, information, and entertainment. Hence, marketing through social media using various strategies is the best option to catch attention and increase the sales of your product. Here are a few simple tactics of social media strategies to be followed:

Emphasize visual content

Social media is a platform highly focused on the quality of visual content. Generation Z is people who give much emphasis to visual content rather than text-based content. These visual contents help in having the attention of boomers easily. Compared to other social media platforms, Instagram and YouTube are most widely used for brand recognition and details.

Another popular platform is TikTok focusing on videos. Thus, marketers must try incorporating small-sized videos of barely 30sec fitting the size of Instagram stories. Much focus should be given to visual content, musical effect as it helps in attention-seeking and makes it more attractive and appealing.

Experiment with interactive content

An interactive content always creates a more scope of purchase as it raises curiosity in the minds of the audience. Generation Z is known for their interactive skills and expressing their opinions freely. Social media is the best platform for providing interactive content with many features like a tap, swipe up, polls, etc. For instance, Instagram has features like polls, stickers, ask me a question, this or that, etc. to capture more attention and know the taste and interest of the boomers.

For instance, a brand selling food items can know the preference of the boomers with the help of a Poll or Ask me a question feature on Instagram. Hence, Adding interactive content makes it more personalized and helps the audience in making their decision of purchase much easier.

Leverage tags for engagement

Usage of engagement ideas such as tags and hashtags plays a vital role in the marketing of ads. With this feature customers can tag the location of the store when they are physically present, they can tag when using that particular brand alongside photographs.

While the usage of a set of standard hashtags is very important in providing the brand’s identity. For instance, some popular hashtags used by Generation Z on Instagram and Twitter includes #qualitycontent #aightimmaheadout #notfunnydidntlaugh #boomer #igmeme #generationz #minecraft #minecraftmemes #pewdiepie #dailymemes

Thus, adding more engagement like hashtags creates awareness among other audiences and develops a unique identity for the brand among the crowd.

Amplify your brand’s belief, values, and humor

The group of people belonging to Generation Z is always noted for their ethical and moral standards as well as their sense of humor. Hence, it is mandatory to ensure that the content created keeps them engaged. Try implementing memes and other comical aspects of marketing ideas. As not all brands can focus on the comical or fun aspects, the brand should reflect their beliefs and values especially in concern with their stand of social issues.

Focus on customer feedback and review

A brand’s service is often rated by considering its customer service. Most of the generation Z people do their shopping online. Thus, they spend much more time reading and analyzing the customer’s feedback and reviews before purchasing a product compared to older generations. Hence, try providing timely replies to all the feedback given by customers irrespective of positive or negative feedback. This helps to build your brand’s reputation, authenticity, and identity.

How does social media marketing target generation Z?

Creating snackable content

The average attention span of Generation Z is barely 8 seconds, and they keep switching between different social media apps within seconds. Hence, avoid creating content with long captions and details rather focus on creating Facebook stories, Instagram stories. This would attract their attention even though they tend to skip or scroll off from it.

Ensuring to maintain privacy

The boomers are much concerned with their privacy as they are well aware of what goes on the web and what stays inside the web. As they are not comfortable in sharing personal information during a purchase, the brands should make the necessary transparency while doing so and ensure keeping their information secure.

Partnership with social media influencers

Social media influencers like various content creators are gaining much popularity today. They have a great impact on generation Z people and this is one of the best ways to attract their attention. Brands can focus on partnerships with micro-influencers coming under their particular niche for brand promotion. Their charges are comparatively cheaper compared to other celebrities while some even do it for free.

Optimize mobile experience

Studies have proven that 75% of the customers do their purchases through their mobile rather than other devices. Today, the majority of Generation Z people have smartphones from the age of 15 onwards. Since most of them prefer online purchases, especially now in a pandemic situation, it is a must to make your brands optimized for mobile shopping.

No marketing campaign can be successful without focusing on Generation Z. Social media advertising, be it any type of business, would be successful in this age group is properly targeted. To get your brand the attention it deserves from them, you can hire a team of experts in social media advertising who always find a way to tap into the minds of their target audience to create innovative campaigns that resonate with users who use these platforms most.