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Reaching your customers during Ramadan, according to Meta

Apr 18 , 2022

Ramadan is here, which means readying the home, preparing heartwarming meals and buying thoughtful gifts for loved ones. For this exact reason, gifting and shopping are a big part of this season. And if you are not tapping into your audience, you will miss out on being discovered by your target audience during the busiest time of the year.

Numbers don’t lie!

Let’s look at the insight YouGov gathered on behalf of Facebook:

   – 89% of Ramadan shoppers prefer seeing content from brands on Facebook and Instagram that aligns with their views and values.

   – 70% of shoppers made Ramadan discoveries on Meta technologies while browsing online during Ramadan 2021.

   – 9 out of 10 cross-border shoppers made spontaneous discoveries while browsing online during Ramadan 2021

So what can brands do?

Here are a few things Meta is suggesting for your brand to benefit during this season

Win Hearts and Minds Creatively

Blasting a big budget on an expensive production may not do the trick. But if you have a better understanding of what motivates different groups of people, you can creatively reach out to them and maximise growth opportunities. Make the most of reels creatively, use timely stories and have some interesting contents brew up every now and then to capture the attention of your audience.

Look beyond broad demographic or interest targeting

Time to use machine learning to deliver the messages to those who find them most appealing, by optimising their behaviour. With this approach, you can find potential new customers where they are, rather than where you assume they are.

Diversity unlocks Discovery

Diversity has an unbelievable and yet important role in inspiring connections between people and businesses. When a brand embraces diversity, it allows the brand to have a better understanding of each other’s perspectives. A truly diverse outlook includes listening, communicating and embracing different perspectives. So how does one tap into it? To start with, you must rely on a deep understanding of your potential customer base to build inclusive and meaningful connections. You must ask yourself if you can describe the people you’re trying to reach in a way they’d describe themselves. If the answer is yes, you’re halfway there!

Unity and Connectedness

You can represent the community you intend to target effectively by leaning into connected campaigns to fuel the community and drive deeper brand metrics. You can do this by taking help from creators who represent the respective communities more authentically; and exploring more touchpoints that present opportunities for you to build and fuel the community in an authentic and genuine way.

Being Kind on the Kindest Month

According to Meta, 70% of Ramadan shoppers want brands to ‘find a way to give back during the holiday season, because they want brands to share their own values of giving back to the community, speaking authentically, and standing up for important causes’! In other words, when ‘a brand creates a community around a cause, it gives people a powerful motivation to take action, an easy jumping-on point and a sense of belonging and loyalty to something that matters’. You could opt for donating a portion of proceeds from sales with Facebook Shops or Instagram Shops, or engage in a cause with your customers on Messenger or WhatsApp. Making the most of the #MonthofGood can help you build a meaningful connection with your customers.