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How TikTok’s New Creative Performance Insights help Marketers Improve Their Strategic Approach?

Oct 25 , 2021

“Sometimes creativity is overlooked as a core component of performance marketing, and as a result, many ads do not reach their full potential in terms of ROI. To help you achieve your business goals with breakthrough advertising on TikTok, we looked at the data to identify the best-performing creative attributes, such as video duration and captions, so that we have some universal and category-specific best practices can share, and you can help increase ad performance,” says TikTok.

TikTok is one of the rapidly growing video platforms with high engagement driving more traffic. With its increasing popularity, most brands are now considering it as a platform for expressing their brand identity and services.

It is a highly creative social media that requires constant and time-to-time updates according to the changing trends. Regardless of the size of your business, TikTok can be used as an effective marketing strategy for your brand.

Though TikTok is primarily a video content-based application, creativity has a vital role in the engagement and marketing of TikTok videos and ads. Apart from quality, it is an innovative and artistic approach on which the audience’s response depends upon. TikTok’s development of Creative Performance Insights paves a new way for creativity in this very platform.

Creative Performance Insight and Marketing strategy

Creative performance insight, the new feature released by TikTok helps the marketers improve their strategic approach and drive engagement. This creative center with different panels provides metrics regarding a video that will help you ensure a high ROI for your brand marketing.

Let us now explore what creative performance insight is all about and how the prime features associated with it help marketers to drive more traffic.

Time Duration

With the new creative center update, TikTok gives much prominence to the duration of the videos. So to stay ahead of others in this field and to gain more reach and visibility it is ideal to keep your videos between 21-34sec. Your creativity and talent lie in giving maximum authentic output within the most limited period. Also, it is found that 25.5% of the best performing videos are under this time limit attracting maximum attention of the audience.


We all know that the quality of TikTok videos lies in the quality of the resolution used. Though a large majority of top-performing videos in TikTok have a resolution of 720p or above, the majority are concerned with its consumption of data usage. So it is best to use data-saving apps like Opera Max App to restrict the overconsumption of data and maintain the high-quality resolution for your videos. Only a high-quality video creates more impression among the audience.


Did you know that the usage of relevant, accurate, and high-quality audio can bring about a 16.3% higher impression on your TikTok videos? The new creative performance insights help to take advantage of audios used for attracting attention and gaining more reach for your videos. With the usage of trending and attractive audio, people tend to pay more attention to videos compared to videos without audio. It also helps to create a story within the videos.

9:16 aspect ratio

The aspect ratio of the video has a major role while uploading videos in mobile-based video sharing applications such as Reels and TikTok. TikTok is an app mostly viewed on smartphones, so it is best to use the standard 9:16 aspect ratio for videos to watch it on full screen. This makes it more appealing and visually pleasing for your audience.

Vertical orientation

Making the aspect ratio 9:16 won’t do if it has a ton of black area. As mentioned above, TikTok videos are formatted to be viewed on smartphones. Hence, it follows a vertical or portrait orientation and not landscape. Though horizontal orientation is possible, the most convenient orientation that covers the screen is a vertical orientation, and it helps to showcase the whole content.

These new creative performance insights help the marketers improve their strategic approach, optimize the content, define the target audience, perform competitive audits, analyze the performance in-depth and provide space for innovative and creative experiments.

Final Thoughts

With the update of the new creative center, TikTok will be able to rank among other competitive platforms with higher engagement. Developing content on TikTok requires months of research, brainstorming, and fool-proof execution.

Since it’s too time-consuming to do it with a small team, approaching a social media advertising agency might be the best option for your business so that they can identify what kind of content works best for you. They are updated on new platforms like TikTok creative center so that they can be used in the best way possible to improve the performance of your profile and brand.