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Google’s new Generative Search AI and how it benefits agencies

May 16 , 2023

Focusing on the upcoming trends, our digital marketing agency is keen on getting involved with the emerging AI tools. From CGI to the metaverse, we have hands-on experience in every field that utilizes AI to create out-of-the-box output. With the introduction of Google’s AI Generative Search Engine, our interest currently lies in this new feature that may change the way we look at Google in the coming years.

Recently, Google has come up with Generative AI that will be added to their search engine. At Google’s annual I/O conference, the famous search firm announced that it will combine results with generative artificial intelligence technology and provide users with an elaborative answer to their questions. The experiment is still a work in progress, and it will be launched soon.

Here’s how it will work for the marketing agencies:

1. Search Generative Experience

Once you type your queries into a basic Google search box, the answer will be vast information to help you understand the topic faster. This way, agencies can look for authentic and valuable insights that can be used for various campaigns.

2. Conversational Mode

Not only will you get snapshots of the required information, but you can browse more follow-ups using conversational mode, where you can ask Google more about the topic you’re exploring. Additionally, you will also see prominent links to the sources of that information on the screen. This offers the agencies an opportunity to increase creativity and sophistication in their ad campaigns or creative strategies.

3. Additional sources and key points

With the introduction of generative AI into the Google search engine, one can get insights from others and take a deep dive into the information pieces. Not only will it aid in coming up with a thoroughly searched output, but it will also impart valuable traffic to the different sites across the web. This will help many of the agencies, as it will help increase their website traffic if they are using SEO to its fullest potential.

4. Search Ads

Search ads will be a vital part of the output, where they will be shown in their respective slots on the page. This way, people will be able to find relevant products and services while making sure that they are transparent and different from the organic search results. As Google is employing AI in its advertising section, it will help digital marketing agencies use AI-powered ads to their core or create customized ads that target specific audiences and help meet objectives, such as sales targets.

For now, this new experiment of infusing generative AI with search results will be rolled out as an experiment under the name Search Labs (Search Generative Experience). You can sign up for the lab to have firsthand experience with these generative AI experiments.

We at Kreata are preparing our SEO teams for this upcoming experiment, and we anticipate that this new experiment will improve our existing and future brand collaborations.