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Digitally Rebranding your Business the Right Way

Aug 23 , 2022

In its simplest words, rebranding is the strategic rethinking of the brand/business that aligns its core values with the entities’ content. It’s about connecting one’s story, knowing one’s products and place in the market, and understanding how customers feel and what they want. Then, it’s about using all that information to give the brand/business a fresh and relevant image.

When does digital rebranding become essential?

When a dramatic shift happens that threatens the relevancy of the brand is when rebranding becomes essential. It could be a demographic change, social change or even a technological challenge. To summarise, the following could be the root cause:

  • A merger that brings a new blend of business, thus needing a new identity.
  • An acquisition occurs.
  • Your company has new leadership with a new vision or mission.
  • Your brand image needs repair.
  • Focus on expanding your reach and growing your audience.
  • Rebranding to stay relevant.

What Should You Consider Before Rebranding?

Rebranding is not one to be taken lightly; it comes with huge responsibility. Not only do you need to know when and why there is a rebranding requirement, but you also have to weigh the benefits against the risks. Below are a few key areas you will need to focus on if rebranding is the route you intend to take:

  • Keep the brand true to itself, ensuring it’s link to its past is not forgotten
  • Ensure that while the rebranding is meaningful, it is also powerful enough to make a difference
  • Determine your key products
  • Understand your share of the market
  • Get to know your old , loyal and potentially new customers
  • Define your goals for the future
  • Recognize the situations where rebranding may be necessary. You need to be up-to-date when a new technology or customer base is around the corner, and you have to be prepared with the right steps as you take your new branding out into the world.

How to successfully rebrand yourself digitally

Rebranding more than just about creating a new look or a fresh logo. Your brand’s new image should convey your target audience what you believe in, and so influence their feelings toward your brand. From conception to conclusion, your process of rebranding should be well thought out with a unique purpose, an infallible execution strategy, and an exceptional marketing.

Research and Analysis

Everything starts with research, where you begin by reanalyzing your brand. Re-determine your mission and values, and of course your target audience. Research the market, your competitors and partners. With the data, you can rebrand such a way that you can improve your message, set your brand apart from the competition, and help your marketing/sales teams create the needed brand awareness.

Developing Brand Awareness

Start with a revamped mission statement, and continue as you redesign marketing materials, including your logo. A digital logo redesign can bring the bold impact you seek for your business. But it is important that you determine if if you simply need a refreshed logo or a complete redesign, and how your new logo can impact your business as you move forward. Once your logo redesign is complete, you can move on towards recreating your brand’s style as well as your website, app, social media, and more.

Get Customers Involved

Keep your customers informed as you rebrand yourself. While the idea of your brand’s facelift is to attract new customers, you must also do the needful to keep your existing customers. Always keep in mind their preferences and what made them loyal to you in the first place. This means maintaining the trust of your existing customers, while you create brand recognition and develop trust with new customers.

Be Clear

Prepare your communication well. If your marketing efforts, press releases, social media messaging, and other promotions come without a clear message to your audience, you’ll simply create confusion. Communicate your rebranding efforts clearly before any changes are made or promoted, and always make your message simple and clear.

Let Your Brand Shine

You intend to demonstrate positive changes for your company through rebranding. Do so by expanding your brand’s appeal, growing your audience, and showing off your progress as you take your business to the next level. Share your motivation with your audience, demonstrating where you’ve come from and where you want to go – as well as how your brand is making a difference in the community and beyond.