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Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Your eCommerce Business

Jan 11 , 2021

Though Affiliate marketing has changed a lot from what it used to be in the early 2010s, the core principle still remains the same: Grow quality website traffic and convert those traffic into purchasing customers.

According to the Stats from Hubspot, 63% of brands are struggling to find traffic and leads to sell their products through their website. Affiliate marketing is a proven strategy for an eCommerce business to combat the stagnant growth of online selling with a dynamic and ever changing marketing curve using partnership programs.

In this article, we will share the best affiliate strategies to grow your eCommerce business and generate quality traffic and leads.

Become a partner with a trusted affiliate marketing network

The first step in growing your business using affiliate marketing is partnering with a trusted network. There are thousands of networks for your business to affiliate and grow. Unfortunately, affiliate frauds are something common and continue to grow in the affiliate network industry. Make sure that the affiliate has a proper fraud monitoring system in place and follows all the webmaster guidelines provided by Google for Affiliate programs. Read their affiliate marketing network policy and the commission structure before signing up.

It is ideal to join an established affiliate network with good customer support and stable functionalities. Partnering with a big-name marketing affiliate can open your business to a roster of popular brands and influencers for introducing your brand to your target audience.

Leading Affiliate Marketing Platforms In UAE

Dubai has seen some of the top-notch affiliate marketing platforms with the growing e-commerce market recently. Here are some of the industry-leading affiliates to forge your affiliate strategy to its full potential!

Admit Ad

Admit Ad is one of the fastest-growing affiliate marketing networks. Admitad, the German-based affiliate network has been in business since 2010 and has multiple offices across the globe with 600,000+ publishers and 1700+ advertisers.

The platform provides expert analytics on all the traffic channels with a customizable plan for advertisers to plan and action-out their marketing campaigns. The support team actively gives advice on choosing the right publisher and you only need to pay for the completed orders. Products returns are not considered as a sale, which is the most common fraudulent activity with untrusted affiliate networks.


Rakuten needs no introduction with 150,000 active publishers worldwide, ranging from big brands to bloggers and influencers. The major benefit of Rakuten is its wide range of functionalities and excellent customer support. Their new program called ‘Accelerate’ offers a bespoke approach based on the business’s budget and campaign.

Rakuten has a strict quality standards checklist for the publishers to signup with them. This ensures that your brand is showcased with quality affiliates. The platform provides all the tools to track orders, product comparisons and transparency in the deliverables.

Affiliate marketing strategies for 2021

From constructing a good commission structure to making use of the affiliate features, here are the affiliate marketing strategies you need to follow for 2021 and beyond!

Construct a great commission structure

Affiliate commission is the incentive offered to the affiliate in exchange for the sale. Most of the affiliate programs take a percentage of the total sales as a commission. An average commission rate ranges between 5% to 15%. Offering a good commission will increase the quality of affiliates and the sales your affiliate marketers bring in.

Before deciding on your commission structure, research the niche, your competitors and industry standard to provide the strongest and affordable commissions. Make sure that the price and commission profit margin to get a good return on investment.

Find the best influencers to promote your product/service

Influencers have a huge number of followers and are regarded as the authority in their interest. All the big-name brands are now collaborating with bloggers and social influencers in their niche to build trust in the brand and create interest in their products.

Finding the best influencer means, you need to see if the person is:

  • An expert/associated with your niche or brand values
  • Has a good number of followers
  • Has good engagements and reaches for their recent posts
  • The engaged audience is relevant to your niche

Though influencers don’t bring in a good quantity of traffic to your website, the audience they bring to your website is highly targeted and interested in your product.

Get in touch with your publishers regularly

Your affiliates play a vital role in making your affiliate program a winning one. Being in constant touch with your affiliates gives them a better idea about your brand, the products you are planning to promote and the campaign you need them to focus on.

Set up a monthly meeting and share the latest news on your product launches and banners you have prepared for the promotion. Ensure that you provide the best landing pages to improve the conversion and reward them with a good commission to make sure that your business is their priority.

Attract sales with deals & promotions

While you get the best affiliates to promote your products on the affiliate conversions, that is not just it. People love offers and promotions more than anything. From millennials to high-income consumers, the most important reason for shopping is offers available online. According to the Stats from Multivu, 97% of shoppers look for offers when they shop online.

Putting good offers on a product will tempt the users to make purchase decisions and improve your conversions big time. Seasonal promotions like Year ending sales, Cyber Monday, Black Friday sales etc are a good place to build your discount strategies around.

Create eye-catching text and banners ads

Your products are promoted in affiliate networks with text and banner ads. So, providing eye-catching creatives can make a huge improvement in your conversion as people are more likely to click on attractive posters.

Make sure that your banner ads are:

  • Provided proper branding with logo addition and brand colours
  • Keep it simple with quality image and attention-grabbing message
  • Incorporate animation banners to make it more eye-catching
  • Provide a good call-to-action to drive shoppers into your sales funnel

Make use of coupon sites

Coupon affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods of affiliate marketing. You can create a unique coupon code for your affiliate or list the coupon in the coupon affiliate sites.

This opens your business to get more conversions with shoppers who are more likely to buy from the eCommerce websites providing offers. You will be able to track and see where the conversions are coming from, as unique coupon codes are provided to each affiliate.

Make use of cashback & loyalty sites

Cashback and loyalty sites are the go-to places for shoppers who want to save more on their purchases. Loyalty sites provide part of the commission to the shoppers, from the affiliate incentive you provide for successful sales. This builds a huge amount of loyal customer base for them and generates huge traffic to their website.

The most important benefit of loyalty sites is that the users who visit the website are ready to make the purchase. Using loyalty sites as affiliates can give you good conversions in a short period of time.

Summing Up

Understanding the right affiliate marketing platforms to incorporate your eCommerce marketing strategy is vital to generate sales online. A mix of good commission structure, product offers and the right affiliates can get your business to generate revenues in no time!

We can help you design the right affiliate marketing program and find the best & affordable publishers unique to your business in UAE. Contact us to make a difference!