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May 16 , 2023
Google’s new Generative Search AI and how it benefits agencies
Focusing on the upcoming trends, our digital marketing agency is keen on getting involved with the emerging AI tools.
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Aug 23 , 2022
Digitally Rebranding your Business the Right Way
In its simplest words, rebranding is the strategic rethinking of the brand/business that aligns its core values with the entities’ content.
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Jun 30 , 2022
How is AI altering the digital marketing game?
AI has come out of Hollywood fiction and become the imminent future. AI technology is becoming a part of every home and business
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Apr 23 , 2022
The Latest Instagram Features Every Marketer Must Know
Instagram loves surprising us, and since the beginning of the year, the content sharing app has been developing new features and functionalities
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Apr 18 , 2022
Reaching your customers during Ramadan, according to Meta
Ramadan is here, which means readying the home, preparing heartwarming meals and buying thoughtful gifts for loved ones.
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Mar 03 , 2022
Free Tools for Competitor Website Analysis in 2022
Even in 2022 we come across those who believe that a good content is more than enough for a brand’s website to have good traffic. If only it was that easy!
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Jan 25 , 2022
Community Commerce
2021 was a whirlwind in all aspects. TikTok made news by becoming the most downloaded app in 2021, surpassing Instagram and on the verge of becoming the social media king in 2022.
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Dec 28 , 2021
Being Socially Trendy in 2022
The digital landscape is evolving, and so are the social media trends. The era of influencers and brand ambassadors are being overtaken by content creators, and short videos are ruling
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Dec 23 , 2021
Being Digitally Savvy in 2022
The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and the pandemic ensured that the process goes faster. This would also explain why businesses that adapted to fluctuating trends were able to stay
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Oct 26 , 2021
Featured Snippets: How to Get Them And Why You Need To Target Them
A featured snippet is the boxed section you’ll see on top of the Google search results. It can be table data, text with a featured image or video at the top of the search results.
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Oct 25 , 2021
How TikTok’s New Creative Performance Insights help Marketers Improve Their Strategic Approach?
“Sometimes creativity is overlooked as a core component of performance marketing, and as a result, many ads do not reach their full potential in terms of ROI.
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Oct 22 , 2021
YouTube Offering Picture-in-picture mode on iPhone for all its premium users
YouTube is currently one of the most popular video platforms. From serving as an entertainment medium to providing information and whatnot, the popularity of this app is growing faster
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Oct 21 , 2021
Social media marketing through the eyes of Generation Z
Generation Z, or baby boomers as they are often called, is the first generation to grow up with full access to digital communication technology.
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Oct 20 , 2021
How No-Code Integrations are Transforming Digital Marketing?
In this era of the digital world, No-Code integration has become the new technological revolution. For any business to sustain itself, it is necessary to adapt to the timely
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Oct 19 , 2021
Google Chrome Eliminating Third-Party Cookies: Through The Eyes Of A Digital Marketer
2023 is the year where digital marketers, advertisers, and publishers, who are heavily dependent on third-party cookies
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Oct 18 , 2021
Out Goes IGTV; In Comes Instagram Videos!
Instagram has been playing toe-to-toe against other video streaming platforms such as YouTube and TikTok,
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Aug 11 , 2021
YouTube Shorts, Now in UAE!
YouTube recently announced the beta release of YouTube Shorts in the UAE, much to the delight of the many content creators.
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Aug 11 , 2021
Social Audio – How It Made Listening Great Again!
Lately, the world has been making a lot of noise, literally! With the lockdown pushing us to find new ways of keeping us entertained
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Jul 13 , 2021
TikTok or Reels – Who Leads Micro-Video Blogging
The year was 2018, and a relatively new app entered the global market. Originally named Douyin, the app, renamed TikTok
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Jun 14 , 2021
Instagram rolls out Affiliate, new monetization tool for Creators
Several monetization options for creators on Instagram were unveiled during the Creator Week virtual event last Tuesday.
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Apr 27 , 2021
Apple’s New App Privacy Update – All you need to know about it
Apple’s new App Privacy update which many fear will negatively impact personalized and targeted advertising has been launched today.
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Mar 03 , 2021
Why You Should Invest In Google Shopping Ads To Grow Your Online Business
Ever since its launch in 2012, Google Shopping Ads have been hailed as one of the most popular and effective methods used by eCommerce websites
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Feb 08 , 2021
Reasons To Consider Amazon Advertising For Your eCommerce Brand
When it comes to online sales platforms, Amazon is a juggernaut with over 197 million users per month.
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Jan 11 , 2021
Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Your eCommerce Business
Though Affiliate marketing has changed a lot from what it used to be in the early 2010s, the core principle still remains the same: Grow quality website traffic and convert those traffic into purchasing customers.
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Dec 05 , 2020
8 Essential Things To Consider When Building Your eCommerce Online Store
With over 4 trillion dollars worth of online retail sales, eCommerce is no small thing now. It is the definite future of sales and business. Having an eCommerce website is almost like a mandated factor for a business.
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Dec 05 , 2020
Social Media eCommerce Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide
Usually, the first thing we do on waking up is to check our phone. After checking emails or messages, our finger automatically goes to the social media buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. For most people, the day begins with social media and ends with it too.
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Dec 05 , 2020
Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies To Improve Your Online Sales & Presence
If you have a high-quality product to sell that is feasible to ship and deliver across the desired region, starting an eCommerce website is the most viable and cost-effective option to build and expand your business.
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Jan 08 , 2020
A step by step guide to understanding & implementing Whatsapp API for Business
Whatsapp is undeniably the most used app of all times. For businesses it was an inaccessible opportunity owing to the ad-free promise the app had made – until now.
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Oct 22 , 2019
The online-offline divide – ways to effectively bridge the gap
Humming a jingle to recall the product name, looking up at billboards for a contact number or skimming through magazines to gaze at the latest in fashion are a thing of the ancient past.
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Jun 14 , 2019
How social media storytelling nurtures new age brands
The tricks of storytelling haven’t changed much, but the mediums of storytelling which we use to tell the stories have undergone a whole amount of transformation.
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Jun 11 , 2019
How the marketers can create their own success story with Instagram Stories
With one billion daily active users, it is safe to say that Instagram has transformed into one of the most influencing social media platforms for marketers to establish their brand image and build a community of its own.
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