Jan 08 , 2020
A step by step guide to understanding & implementing Whatsapp API for Business
Whatsapp is undeniably the most used app of all times. For businesses it was an inaccessible opportunity owing to the ad-free promise the app had made – until now.
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Oct 22 , 2019
The online-offline divide – ways to effectively bridge the gap
Humming a jingle to recall the product name, looking up at billboards for a contact number or skimming through magazines to gaze at the latest in fashion are a thing of the ancient past.
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Jun 14 , 2019
How social media storytelling nurtures new age brands
The tricks of storytelling haven’t changed much, but the mediums of storytelling which we use to tell the stories have undergone a whole amount of transformation.
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Jun 11 , 2019
How the marketers can create their own success story with Instagram Stories
With one billion daily active users, it is safe to say that Instagram has transformed into one of the most influencing social media platforms for marketers to establish their brand image and build a community of its own.
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