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Affiliate Marketing Services

Get featured in the websites your customers trust, and generate risk-free leads with our deep network of affiliate publishers and platforms.

Affiliate Marketing service is a performance-based advertising process where you can advertise your products and services on websites where your customers are most likely to visit. The concept places Ads on user-relevant websites and drives traffic by showcasing the best deals available on your site!

With a robust affiliate network, you can reach the right audience and reward them based on the sales and quality traffic leading to your website.

Affiliate Marketing Services In Dubai

Kreata Global understands that the best customers are won through trust. That’s why our affiliate marketing services in Dubai connect your products with our major affiliate marketing networks with TradeTracker, AdmitAd, Rakuten and more.

These networks allow us to access a wider pool of brands that your customers are in and help you automate your marketing process with a fully scaled affiliate program with meaningful conversions.

Improve your brand exposure

Display your products in front of your potential customers and get sufficiently presented on the web. With Affiliate marketing, you can showcase your products on a website that shares the same value and image through the affiliate program. The more your brand is seen and tested in front of potential customers, the more your brand gains exposure leads to conversion.

Low-cost way of generating leads

Affiliate marketing works with a performance-based marketing model - meaning, you only pay commission to the affiliate network when they bring in new leads and sales with their marketing efforts. Thanks to our wide affiliate network, we manage and run the campaigns to get the best out of everything for you with the lowest cost per conversion.

Reduce Marketing costs

With our spanning affiliate network, influencers and brand partnerships, Affiliates will take care of the marketing efforts to bring in quality traffic and audience. We build meaningful partnerships with them to advertise your products, so you don’t spend more on marketing, because our affiliates will do it for you!

Increase relevant website traffic

Affiliate websites have quality traffic coming in from all sources. With the high volume of links placed in affiliate websites, you will get targeted traffic coming to your website that can rapidly bring you more sales. The affiliate links are tracked with custom URLs to identify the source, to track and test the campaigns on the go.

Launch new products

In an era where thousands of products are being launched every day, marketing through a single channel or website is not enough. Affiliate marketing is a great source to spread the launch message and showcase products on the huge network of websites where your customers are most likely to be.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

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