YouTube – An Essential Online Channel For Business Promotion

Social Media Marketing - November 14th, 2013


YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing networks in the digital arena. It is owned by the digital tycoon Google. Here users can upload, view, share and download videos of their choice.

By promoting your business via YouTube, you have the chance of increasing brand awareness and earning yourself more potential customers.  First of all you need to create a YouTube account for your business.

Here are some of those key benefits that YouTube can bring your business:

1. Reachability and accessibility:The video uploaded would reach a wide audience and the target audience could access and watch it from anywhere. It helps in building brand awareness among people. 

2. Make it persuasive: The videos should be of high quality and your subscribers should find it interesting and informative.This in turn helps in building more traffic. 

3. Helps increase the Google search result ranking: A YouTube video often includes the link to the business website in the description. When a user is viewing the video and they want to know more about the business, they will then be prompted to visit the main website.  

4. Uploading is free of cost: Advertising campaigns generally are very costly. The great advantage about YouTube is that you can upload numerous videos without incurring cost. You don’t even have to make a professional advertisement. You can use simple tools such as a hand held camera, and the film editing tools available through YouTube. So it’s one of the easiest and cost-effective methods available. 

5. Subscribing the channel: If a user enjoyed watching one of your videos or found it worth following, they can subscribe and join your channel. In return you could email them the updates. This will encourage mutual interaction which helps in strengthening customer relations. 

6. Measuring the impact:  Here your business could monitor the impact of the videos you have uploaded. You could get the insights and detailed reports of the channel, the reach & viewership, shares and comments, etc. 

7. Maintain Connections: When the user starts commenting and sharing the videos it would create more engagement which helps in maintaining connections.

 Thus YouTube is an effective way to reach your audience to help advance your product or service. Hence, whoever planning to flourish in the digital arena must integrate a YouTube channel in their marketing strategy.


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