Your Brand’s Data and Social Media

Social Media Marketing - June 17th, 2011

When your brand gets 50,000 followers on Twitter or a million likes on Facebook, there’s nothing to wonder rather than realizing yourself that what had made you this much successful among your customers or audiences.

The fact is that, by achieving all this you have gained attention of your audience. You had been successful in engaging your audience till date. This can be understood by measuring how frequently your audience interacts, how often they comment on your wall post or ‘like’ a new piece of content, video or image added by you. By measuring the rapidity of these contents, videos or images, you can come to know which type of content, videos or images will gain the attraction of your audience. Making the point very clear, the thing that you do here is, you are engaging people in an environment that you have little control over and that you certainly do not own.

Your success depends on many factors and they are your business goal, your brand, your products and services and also the interaction you maintain with your audience. Support from your fans or audience will surely help you in making a real brand value. Many of your fans in social media networks may not buy your product but they will always recommend the same to someone and this will surely help in increasing your brand value and bring profit to your business.

Communicating frequently with your customers through these social media will surely help in improving your business and brand value. Email is also a powerful medium to communicate with your customers but then always a question arise that whether today’s teenagers will be tomorrow’s email users. So it’s always better to communicate with your customer with their favorite choice like Facebook or Twitter.

The main issue that one might have to face while depending on all these social media is that, the data will be owned by the social media like Facebook or Twitter and if once any of these sites fell over permanently, a huge share of your data will be lost. Then the only hope that you can have is that, the goodwill that you had built with your customers will stay and meanwhile you can find a better way to communicate with your customers again.

These social media will surely remain to be the best medium to communicate with your customers regarding the brand value for a long time. This will surely help in having a goodwill developed among your customers and hence you can improve your brand value and also profit.

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