Why are traditional agencies facing a digital deadlock?

Online Advertising - April 11th, 2012

With the growing popularity of social networks, brands are extending traditional media campaigns to the internet. Ad agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to adapt to the growing digital requirements of clients, according to the Chief Marketing Officer Council. The chief issues faced by traditional agencies are:

1.    The scope of digital media: Traditional agencies, owing to their lack of experience, may not understand the potential digital media holds. Digital is not just a media; it is an entirely different world. It is evolving with every passing second and novelty is short-lived. Only a seasoned professional with sufficient technical know-how can tap its immense possibilities. 

2.    Conversion: Agencies that have built successful campaigns only for traditional advertising mediums might face difficulties in adapting these campaigns to social channels. Taking an integrated approach towards the campaign might prove tricky for them. Further, the success rate of online campaigns might be looked at with a prejudiced eye.

3.    Lack of technical expertise: Technical expertise necessary to ideate and implement online campaigns that are in sync with the brand’s traditional advertising is hard to find in a traditional agency setup. There may be great ideas but not the skills necessary to execute them. All digital requirements cannot be handled internally. 

4.    Tracking campaign performance: The performance of an online campaign can be constantly monitored. One can check the number of visitors to the website, the clicks it received, the participation and so on. The performance of a traditional campaign on the other hand, can be measured only over the long term. Agencies unfamiliar with these tracking tools may not like the changes they are witnessing.

5.    Accountability: Traditional campaigns have less accountability because as mentioned above, it is tough to get a tangible report on their performance. Brands have realized digital media is a great platform and are switching over to it swiftly.

These impediments can be overcome by outsourcing digital duties to a digital agency that is experienced in developing applications and games for various social networks, online marketing tools, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

It is too early to say that traditional modes of advertising will go out of vogue. What we are witnessing today is a confluence of the best of both worlds. The key to unlocking the digital deadlock is outsourcing. Synergizing the two forces can create work that speaks for itself.

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