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Social Media - February 18th, 2015

“Life doesn’t get better by chance; it gets better by change” - Jim Rohn

Kreata Global is gearing up for some new exciting developments and we want you to know about it. We’re bringing a new change to our brand identity; a change for the best. This is our first major rebranding exercise since the time we started, and we want each one of you to be part of it.  The rebranding will accentuate our passion for innovation & dedication to provide our clients with the best digital solutions.

Digital media is ever evolving and with the changing trends over the years we’ve also grown from being a social media marketing company to a 360° digital innovations company with strong consultants who create digital experiences with our expertise in social media, web development, activations and advertising.

You must have noticed that we’ve used the term ‘strong consultants who create digital experiences with our expertise in social media, web development, activation and advertising’. This is because with our re-branding we are raising the bar for everything that we do and are going to explore innovative ways of communications in the digital realm.  We are going to think of BIGGER ideas & campaigns and aim to be ‘THE’ digital innovations company on which clients depend for their digital marketing strategy.  We are also gearing up to venture into new markets in the Middle East, where the demand for innovative digital solutions has increased over the years.

How are we going to do it?

Prompt & Practical Strategies : There are a lot to opportunities to explore in the world of digital marketing and to grab them you need to be prompt and practical in your plans & strategies. With our rebranding, we are gearing up to break digital barriers with our campaigns and ideas. Our ‘thinkers’ are ready with unique ideas that will uplift our client’s brand digital identity.

Swift Process & Practices : Slow and steady never wins the race in digital media. That is why we are going full throttle in our processes & practices. Clients will get suggestions of what the brand has to do even before they ask for it. We are implementing the latest practices and process of the global market and adapting them for our clients in the region. This will assure the effectiveness of the campaigns.

The perfect guide : Digital media is vast and getting lost is pretty easy. That is why you need an expert guide to steer your brand out of the noise. Our team is always ready to inform you about the changing trends and market news about digital to make your brand stand out.

Apart from the changes in process, we are going to change physically too - from our logo to our website, from our business cards to our workspaces. Each of these units innovatively brings out our mission and purpose of providing strategically and technologically creative digital solutions of the future today.You can check our new website www.kreataglobal.com or drop in to our office to check the new Kreata Global over a cup of coffee.

Despite these changes, the dedication and zeal of our team, will continue to be the strong guiding factor. We will persist to be laser focused on exceeding client expectations and delivering results.

To conclude, we want to say that, this is going to be another amazing chapter to our story and we are glad that you’re a part of it. So let’s enjoy this new journey together at the ‘New’ Kreata Global.

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