Using the New Admin Panel in Facebook Timeline

Facebook - March 26th, 2012

In our previous post we talked about the 5 features that help make an effective Facebook Timeline. This time, it is the all-new admin panel in Facebook Timeline that we are going to tackle.

The new admin panel is a convenient way of monitoring the activity on your page. Following is the list of features that lets you do so.

1.    Notifications: Did someone leave a comment on your post? Does someone like it? Find it all here. This feature is especially useful when you receive Likes and comments on old posts. Responding becomes easier and you can avoid miffing fans for not responding promptly- provided you care to check your notifications!

2.    Messages: This new feature for brands is a great tool for fans who want to send you private messages. You can address their issues privately, instead of tracking the posts they have left you and replying at random. It makes engagement more personal and intimate.

3.    New Likes: Just as the name suggests, this section shows you the new Likes your page has received. It shows the profile picture and name of people who liked your page and also the day.

4.    Insights: It gives you a quick look at the activity on your page. The purple spots represent the posts and the number of posts you make per day, the green line shows the number of people talking about your posts and the blue line shows the number of people reached in terms of impressions created. Insights are very useful as they show you which posts are working for you. For a detailed look at Insights, click on the ‘See All’ link at the right hand corner of this section.

5.    Page Tips: This panel shows tips to monitor your admin panel and changes to your page.

6.    Manage: Placed on the top right corner, it is more of a maintenance section. The ‘Edit Page’ option here lets you make country and age restrictions, tagging and posting permissions and so on. ‘Use Activity Log’ shows an account of who posted what on your page, date-wise. ‘Banned users’ lets you see the fans that have been banned access to your page. ‘Build Audience’, just next to it, is a feature that makes addition of fans to your page easier- you can invite facebook friends, invite friends through email and also share your page. The Help tab has tips and guides to help you use timeline more effectively.

Now that you know what you ought to do with the new admin panel, start doing the most important thing: keeping track of it!

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