Using Facebook Offers for enhanced reach

Facebook Marketing - October 20th, 2012

With brand pages posting promotional content on their wall by the hour, followers even resort to unlike-ing the page - just so that their newsfeed is not crammed with brand updates. If wall posts on meaty offers and discounts are not working for you, perhaps you should try Facebook Offers, a feature that Facebook has been experimenting with various businesses for some time now.  

To use this feature, all you need is a Facebook page and 400 fans or more. Starting at as little as US $5, Facebook Offers are a great way for Pages to promote their discounts and offers. There are three types of Offers

1.  In Store Only: Simply add a 90 character headline with a 90px x 90px thumbnail and Terms. The amount of claims and the expiry date of the offer have to be specified.

2. In Store & Online: Specify a URL and optional discount code to use at the destination URL.

3. Online Only

To claim the offer, user has to follow the instructions on it. When the offer is claimed, the action gets posted to his/her timeline. This shows up on the claimer’s friends’ newsfeeds, thus ensuring wider reach for the promotion. David Fischer, Facebook’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Relationships, offered a new statistic on the Facebook Offers program. It said that three-fourths of the claims on Offers came not from the people who had been initially targeted, but instead from someone they had shared it with.

This goes on to prove how effective Facebook Offers can be in reaching more people than those targeted. There are several interesting ways in which Facebook Offers can be used. For e.g. early birds can be asked to claim discounts on a product or service, discounts can be given to people who promise to bring two or more people to your outlet, and so on.

Let us know in the comments, what you feel about this feature and share any interesting Facebook Offer ideas you might have come across.

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