Unleashing the power of social media for business

Social Media Marketing - November 18th, 2011

It’s the dawn of a new era - that of social business, in a world getting more interconnected, instrumented and inventive by the day. The landscape of the world marketplace is undergoing a paradigm shift with the integration of social computing into business trends. An increasing number of organizations are able to reap great benefits by adopting social business & marketing techniques to strengthen customer relationships and optimize the workforce.

‘Social business’ is the new buzzword among corporate circles who are realizing that leveraging the social media is imperative to increasing work efficiency & driving business results. Developments in the sphere of social networking sites have enabled individuals & organizations to effectively harness the power of transformative technology. Companies the world over are recognizing the value of and implementing social tools & techniques in facilitating communication & collaboration in order to enhance their businesses.

Today's companies are implementing solutions that support more forms of collaboration such as instant messaging, social computing, and community-based tools to share content and expertise. We find that successful firms are opting to work smarter by unlocking the full potential of the social media and integrating its benefits.

Enhancing business value

Here’s a live instance bearing testimony to the fact that monitoring social networking sites does enhance business value. It’s reported that the police at Richmond, VA have resorted to analyzing Facebook, MySpace and Twitter platforms to detect venues with the maximum likelihood of crime&chaos. The department claims that during parties and festive nights, they are able to save around $15,000 on overtime pay by posting officers to those areas that are zeroed in for criminal activities through detailed surveys & analysis of social networking sites. Besides, it comes with the added benefit of reduced crime probability, they say. 

Another story serving as a testimonial to the above statement is that of a lady whose brand new Maytag washer broke down a week after she’d bought it. She tried to get in touch with the customer service but her calls over several days proved futile. A regular blogger & tweeter that she was, in her frustration, she reached out to her massive fan following where she blogged & tweeted about her terrible predicament. Her blog post is said to have received thousands of comments and she also achieved the desired result when, finally, it did get heard by the company who hastily sent its representatives to fix the gadget and  save its name.

So we see the clout held by social networking sites and how they impact businesses in a big way. Let’s learn to tap their full potential for our benefit.

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