Twitter Lets You Receive Direct Messages without ‘Follow-Back’

Social Media Marketing - October 28th, 2013

Over the last couple of months, social networking platforms have updated many features to help brands and users get more out of their connections. Recently the micro blogging site, Twitter, amended its messaging policy so that certain verified accounts can receive Direct Messages from followers without following them back. Earlier, users had to follow each other mutually to send or receive direct messages.


Social media experts are of the opinion that this move from Twitter will be more useful for brands that use Twitter as a customer service channel. The new feature from Twitter enables such brands to receive customer service messages privately without following their customers. In order to take full advantage of this feature, the brands should turn on this opt-in feature from the settings page in the Twitter account.


The new update also prevents users or customers from expressing their frustrations publicly, thereby helping the brands. This, according to experts can increase the activity on the page as larger brands will receive thousands of new requests and messages daily through Twitter. The new feature will also be beneficial to users who prefer Twitter as a communication channel, but don’t want to be publicly followed by a brand or celebrity.


As every coin has two sides, this feature also has its disadvantages. If you enable this opt-in feature, you will have to receive messages from unknown people, mainly from spammers as anyone who follows you can send umpteen messages easily. That means, account managers will have to be very cautious while opening links from the direct messages.


The new feature that seems to be beneficial for customer service seems to have little impact on marketing as most brands prefer to send offers or promotions to a wider audience. This feature will be beneficial for marketing when brands have to send an exclusive coupon code to select customers only.


For the time being, Twitter has introduced the direct message feature only for some accounts. It is expected that the feature will be soon rolled out on every Twitter handle. Once it’s enabled for everyone, all you need to do is turn on this feature and start receiving your direct messages.



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