The Rising Relevance and Presence of Infographics

Infographics - September 2nd, 2013



A picture represents a thousand words. This is probably the key reason for the popularity of infographics. It is a visual representation of information or data presented in a simple format. The social media agencies and marketers can showcase the effectiveness of the campaigns using infographics in an interesting and easy to understand manner which would in turn result in better virality.

There are three parts in this format comprising the visual, content and the knowledge it provides. The fact that human beings can easily understand information when it is visually represented is the key thought behind this concept.

Social media sites like Pinterest,Facebook and Twitter have played a pivotal role in spreading individual infographics among the masses. Thanks to its attractive designs and easy-to-understand format, infographics witness a high level of virality when compared to ordinary text posts. Another notable trend is the use of brand logos or taglines ensuring better brand recall. Needless to say, a compelling infographics results in enhanced web traffic and better search engine optimization.

Ultimately an infographics should deliver the following three objectives: 1) Appeal (proper communication of the idea) 2) Comprehension (effortless conveyance of the idea) 3) Retention (retain what has been comprehended).

As per research statistics, the search volume for infographics has steadily increased by a whopping 800% between 2010 and 2012. 

In short it is the accessibility, reach, and visual impact of this unique mode of communication that has boosted its popularity and relevance in the digital arena.

Image Source : http://visual.ly/simple-yet-clever-infographic



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