The changing face of technology in online marketing

Search Engine Optimization - December 13th, 2010

Picture this: You log on to a website, an attractive banner with a smart one-liner catches your attention and the curious netizen that you are, you press the ‘Know More’ button and get so engaged in the subsequent message/animation/video that plays before your eyes, that you forget all about the purpose of your visit to the previous site!

Hasn’t this happened to you? Once, at least? Well, that’s the latest face of online marketing for you.

Emails: The early days
From drab emails to really interactive ones, online marketing has come a long way from its initial days. E-mailers were in themselves a great marketing tool. You just needed to have your brand (if you were a trusted one) on the mail and you were sure to be read. But like with everything that gets too popular, marketing mails soon started becoming a nuisance. Thanks to stuff such as spam filtering, one was spared the headache of deleting mail by agonizing mail.

In spite of all this, emails were and still remain a great online marketing tool. The good players, who have an eye for innovation always present matter in a way that is exciting yet non-preachy. From simple and succinct letters to fancy photoshop snapshots with text to flash messages to animation to live videos, a good approach always works well.


Games, Videos, What not!
But emails were just not enough. You might have a good message but what if it gets lost in the clutter? And so we started having ads everywhere. We have small flash banners, questionnaires, games and what not! It’s a giant leap from the terse emails, if you think of it. Videos are also the in-thing these days. From small ads to a detailed overview of the company and its services, just about everything is covered.

Search Engine Marketing
The best way to promote websites, Search Engine Marketing which makes use of Search Engine Optimization, Paid Placement, Contextual Advertising and Paid Inclusion, gained popularity in no time and there was a sudden buzz for SEO experts and  content writers who could provide keyword rich content. It helped websites improve their visibility on search results pages. Google AdWords, Yahoo!Search Marketing and Microsoft adCentre emerged as the largest SEM vendors and still continue to be so.

SEM is a powerful Online Marketing tool and corporates are well aware of the fact. In a world driven by deadlines and tight schedules, chances of a user moving on to the second or third page of the search results are next to zilch. Hence, companies today maintain frequently updated websites with as much information as possible. This is a healthy trend since it is beneficial not only to the advertiser but to the user who logs in for information too.

Social Media: The latest buzz
And the latest online marketing frenzy can be seen on social networking websites. And why not, when it is such an effective medium? When technology itself has helped us open a plenty of doors to the world of networking and information, it would be insane to turn a blind eye to it. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and a horde of other such sites are a great way to make your presence felt in the enormous online world.

There is no doubt about the fact that we will, in the future, witness another wave of online marketing that will soon turn into a rage. There will be more ads that catch your fancy and which have the power to lead you to action. And to get there, one has to keep experimenting and innovating. So why not try out newer ways of doing things in untapped avenues? Come what may, technology will give you its full support. Interested in leading the pack? Start working on a fresh strategy right away, for online marketing is here to stay!

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