Trends and Marketing Techniques in Social Media

Social Media Marketing - November 1st, 2011

Corporates the world over are hopping on to the internet bandwagon in their bid to make their presence felt in the social media. The networking sites, on their part, are rolling out better features and revamping their pages to improve their site functionality for user benefit. While some, like Twitter, LinkedIn & the still-favourite Facebook have gone hugely popular, others like Buzzzy, Brainify, Digg & ZingMe remain lesser known.

As social media form an essential part of inbound marketing, more & more companies are realizing the efficacy & value of digital media marketing tools & technology to enhance their brand image, and exploring opportunities to tap the full potential in this field. The fact remains that no brand or company can ensure success in the social media without proper planning, analysis & effective marketing techniques. We find that think-tanks, media planners & marketers are busy strategizing and implementing their action plans on how to leverage the social media and make it work to the best of their advantage.

Irrespective of whether you want to reach out in your business to your exclusive target audience or to the public at large, due importance is being given to content strategy, email marketing, podcasts, social media applications, audio-video content, media adverts and so on. These social media marketing tactics & strategies are all employed keeping in mind the end user/consumer.

In today’s social media scenario where transformative technological innovation is happening at a rapid pace, managing social presence is all about generating fruitful dialogues and constantly engaging with the clients through dynamic interactive forums, campaigns, games, contests etc. This is imperative in order to ensure high visibility, popularity and success of the brand.

Content Strategy

Among the several social media marketing efforts that contribute to corporate success, marketers vouch for the fact that digital content curation is the numero uno strategy to fuel online marketing programs, with due emphasis on specialized, original, quality content.

Content strategy still tops the list of the prime criteria that ensure brand enhancement and it’s all about dynamically engaging the clients with the brand through a variety of touchpoints like websites, social media applications, blogs and emailers. Among these, blogs are seen to play a significant role. Blogs serve as curtain raisers to the brand profile and blogging has become imperative in enhancing brand awareness, generating leads and helping to build businesses.

According to Focus Research, 39% of B2B marketers in North America find blog posts to be valuable marketing content. Research also shows that effective blogs with the right links are able to attract visitors and redirect them to the company site or online store. Recent studies on marketing trends also reveal that content marketing strategy & technique takes top priority, followed by search engine optimization.

Search engine marketing, events, digital advertising, PR and others also form part of the wider web marketing methods. The goals & objectives of companies are as vast & varied as boosting net traffic, driving sales, generating leads, brand building, widening business base and improving search results.

Also, we find that advertising & marketing executives and corporates are utilizing multiple channels involving digital & traditional media to promote a brand or product, broaden their consumer base and maximize brand visibility.


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