Social Networking – The new age communication tool

Social Media Marketing - October 31st, 2011

As we all know, social networking is the buzzword today, be it with magnates in business circles, between techies at software hubs or for socializing among friends for personal reasons. It’s the way of communication happening in the 21st century.

Social media comprises an online community of millions of internet users many of whom have common likes and interests and want to constantly share and exchange their thoughts, ideas and experiences on a vast range of topics including jobs, friendships, hobbies, food, politics, religion or any contemporary issue in the global society.

Social networking is all about utilizing suitable communication channels to widen your business contacts on the career front and/or to personally increase your friends and fan following for social interaction. In fact, Brian Solis, Principal of FutureWorks and author of Engage, has made a remark that social media is more about sociology and psychology and less about technology.

The networking media are increasingly seen to be offering newer and better opportunities for effective brand promotion in a world where image building and brand enhancement form the crux of social marketing.

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn and MySpace are some of the popular media used for social networking. By leveraging the social networking sites through online marketing campaigns, polls, interactive discussions, contests and so on, one can be sure of receiving maximum coverage from interested visitors who are ready to spread their enthusiasm among their own circles of friends, acquaintances and colleagues, thereby broadening the consumer base.

Intense competition

Search engine giant Google with its quick search results gathering worldwide info at its fingertips (read mousetips) has been constantly revamping its format and rolling out new and better features for enhancing visitor traffic to its site and retaining a significant hold on the number of netizen users. The historic Google + socialized version, with its eye targeted on topping the social media circuit, has caught on with the crowd and is estimated to have drawn above 40 million active users till date. 

Among the numerous social networking sites, Facebook has remained the most popular with rivals like Twitter and now Google + trailing behind. So far, Facebook, with a whopping 800 million users, has held its sway in the IT circuit and is a hot favourite with fans. The Facebook platform, within a short span of time, has undergone some radical changes the benefits of some of which are being debated upon by online fans worldwide. Yet, it has managed to maintain a safe lead in the social media circuit.

With more and more people taking to social networking sites and preferring the internet media as a quicker and easier way of bonding and communicating with friends and colleagues, digital connectivity seems to be on an explosion mode. However, technology revolution is still in its fledgling stage, according to experts who predict that the information explosion in cyberspace is likely to bring about mind boggling changes in the economic and social scenario in the next 10–15 years.

Survival of the fittest

Of late, a lot of interesting developments have happened in the social media scene wherein the several networking sites are facing challenges and hurdles from their competitors who are attempting to outdo one another and increase their hit rates by including more friendly, efficient and advanced features to attract users. The case of Facebook incorporating music & movie platforms, newsfeed, scrapbook and other personalized options to engage more customers and keep them plugged in, is one such instance. The recent bold moves made by Facebook applications in its design format are being looked upon by analysts as an alert for advertisers to pep up their content (such as including livestreaming techniques and other marketing strategies) in order to retain their edge in the rat race.

Presently the keen competition among the various networking sites is being enthusiastically viewed by their respective fans and followers availing their benefits. User reactions and comments from different perspectives have been pouring in online regarding the services offered. It remains to be seen as to who will emerge the leader and grab the major share of the market space in the near future.

So folks, as of now, the heat is on. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and watch the events gradually unfold over the coming months, on the social battle ground ……

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