Small businesses get big results with social media

Social Media Marketing - January 2nd, 2012

It’s just impossible to ignore the social media nowadays.Today small businesses are increasingly leveraging social media for brand promotion, event facilitation, employee recruitment and so on. More and more small and medium firms are realizing the benefits of building community and clout through social media. Local companies which initially used to rely upon conventional means of advertising and marketing are now turning to social networking sites for easier and effective publicity.Experts claim that this is the best time for small businesses to reap benefit through social media, given their limited resources.They feel small businesses are yet to tap into the massive opportunities presented by social media marketing.

It’s observed that a growing number of small and medium firms are turning to their friends and followers online for suggestions on almost everything from movies to meetings and from shopping to dining out. The main reason is that the social media with their dynamic tools and devices facilitate easy access to infotainment(information+entertainment) and better global connectivity.

That an increasing number of social media are rolling out better and more advanced features to woo their consumers and to target potential users bears testimony to the fact that social networking has become an indispensable element for both business reasons as well as in everyday life.

And more and more of small and medium sized firms are beginning to actively build their image and widening their presence on popular networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. They have realized that engaging real time customers in live, interactive, interesting conversations through social media is the best way of reaching out to a global client base.


With a host of simple,practical online tools and devices that are easy-to-integrate,small businesses find that they can easily manage the social media sites to generate sales, connect with clients, increase business volume and so on.They also have the advantage of widening their consumer base by connecting not only to the target audience but with potential clients as well. Industry experts have highlighted the benefits of using social media as a sales tool to connect directly with real time customers. Their viewpoint is that while social networking, companies must be able to take real time customers into confidence so that they can be informed of the brand by engaging fruitfully through regular queries, comments and conversations.

A social media marketing industry report says that 61% of small businesses land new customers through social media activities.The study shows that 70% of small and medium firms actively engaged in social media see increased traffic and improved search rankings. The cost factor is another great advantage. Survey throws light on the fact that a majority of small and mid-sized businesses that achieve good results spend a relatively insignificant amount towards social media marketing, which makes it cost effective and viable.

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