Sharing on Social Media Made Easy with Browser Extensions

Social Media - September 24th, 2013



Spending time on several social media networking sites is both exciting and irresistible. This, as a matter of fact, consumes your valuable time and affects productivity as you have to open multiple tabs to access your social media accounts. There are many browser extensions out there to give amazing social media experience while saving your time.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular browser extensions that will serve the purpose.

  • Hootlet: The Hootlet is a browser extension that will save your time when sharing content mainly on Twitter and Facebook. As an extension in the browser, this automatically takes the content you want to share and pops it into a message without leaving the web page. Hootlet is highly useful to social media marketing executives as it gives them an option to schedule their message.

  • Shareaholic: This browser extension helps you share links from within the browser or from any webpage, with anyone on different social media platforms. Shareaholic also gives you 1-click access to your favourite URL Shorteners including goo.gl, bit.ly, su.pr, etc.

  • AddThis: AddThis allows you to instantly share, bookmark, print, or even translate pages with one tool. This extension can be used as URL bar icon, sharing toolbar or as navigation toolbar button in your browser. You can also customize this extension so that you can share it on different social media platforms the way you want.

  • Buffer: Buffer is a browser extension that allows you to publish your updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It tracks results and analyzes everything you share. This browser extension enables you to schedule what you share on different social media platforms.

  • Friendbar: Friendbar helps you to see running stream of text and photo updates from Facebook and Twitter on the toolbar. This extension allows you to post updates, Like, Comment, Retweet, and reply to messages from the toolbar itself. Friendbar also features a Quickpost button that allows you to easily post links to pages that you find on the web.

Apart from these extensions with multiple platforms, you can also find standalone browser extensions for each social media platform. These include 'Post To Tumblr’, ‘Reddit Enhancement Suite’ and ‘Bitly Shortener’ to name a few. So what are you waiting for, get your favourite browser extension and enhance your social media experience.



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