Role of Social Media in Middle East

Social Media Marketing - November 9th, 2011

In the modern world of marketing techniques technology is playing an important role in business. People are spending more time in social networking sites. The social networking era has been started from bulletin board services and is led by face book.

The below graph shows the average hours spent per visitor in social networking sites.

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The penetration of social networking sites is constantly increasing day by day; this makes all kinds of business to invest in social media marketing. Though the high volume of users social Medias can send the business brand name to large volume of audiences.

Use of social media became more common in Middle East countries; the recent anti-government protests activities in social media shows the trend. The Demonstrators have used social media sites to spread information.

The business are giving offers, coupon codes, discounts, contests developed by using facebook applications via social media to attract users, this helps them to get more fans for their page and to spread the information about the product or services easily. The average person spends more time on their social media site's page than they do anywhere on the internet. If the person will have twenty friends, on his network then you reach all of his friends as well. This is the reason of social media becomes even bigger and important to online marketing.

The traditional way of marketing in Middle East is like by going and meeting customers in personal. It requires more time and effect where the social media plays the role, all we have to do is to find the right customers in social networking sites and to connect them to share the information. The most important thing in social media campaign is to make a perfect social media marketing plan then to identify where the customers are hanging out and making a long term engagement with the customers.

Some points to remember if you are planning to advertise with Social Media Sites

•    Standout in the new social media – Make a profile that conveys enough information and attractive.
•    Build brand and communities in the social media – Keep in mind about what is your business.
•    Develop targeted social networks that deliver ROI
•    Use Social media to acquire customers
•    Be a Businessman – You are there to earn something

Bigger brands are started spending in social Medias to reveal their new product, services and to build brand awareness. Start your social media marketing campaign to bring fruitful results to your business.

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