Promoted Pins to Enhance Your Brand Reach – Coming Soon!

Social Media Marketing - October 18th, 2013


Borrowing the idea of paid ads from Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest, the photo and video sharing network, has launched ‘promoted pins’ to help brands and businesses. The feature, that was announced a month ago, was made available for some users last week. With this new feature from Pinterest, businesses can now pay to promote selected pins on search results and category feeds. 

According to Pinterest, the promoted pins work just like regular pins and will have a special ‘promoted’ label, along with a link to learn more about the feature. To put it short, you might not even notice that you are seeing or clicking a promoted pin unless you come across the small ‘promoted pin’ label that appears underneath the image details. 

This is for the second time Pinterest is exploring the scope of monetizing the ‘pins’. Earlier in 2012, the company associated with affiliate links provider Skimlinks, and earned a good chunk of money when someone purchased a pinned product on its site. But this relationship was a short-lived one as users learned that Pinterest was making money off their pins. 

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann said that currently they are only exploring the prospects of promoted pins with selected businesses and brands. He added that at the time of a broader roll out, the ads would be attractive and transparent. “There will be no ‘flashy banners’ or pop-up ads, and the site will clearly differentiate sponsored and organic pins. They'll also aim for relevancy,” he said. 

Once this feature is made public it will be of great advantage to brands as a query for a particular product might produce a pin of a product manufactured or sold by the business. For example, a query for ‘electronics gadgets’ might produce a pin of a product from an electronic retail chain. With Pinterest slowly wading into advertising, your offers could benefit from greater visibility and wider exposure.



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