Optimise for Mobile Users; They Rule Social Media

Social Media Marketing - August 22nd, 2013


Take a look at the world around you. All you can see is the reign of mobile phones and other handheld devices including iPads and tabs. This has influenced the web developers and social media agencies to optimize the content to suit different mobile and hand held devices. Let us take a look at some of tips that can help you cater to the widely increasing number of mobile users.

Let us keep in mind the study done by Share This, a developer of social bookmarking and sharing tools. According to the study more people use their mobile devices than their computers to share content on social media. The study further states the iPhone is the most commonly used mobile device for social sharing.

Now into the tips:

Optimize for mobile users: As a rule of thumb, optimize the platforms – let it be your Website, Facebook Page or Twitter Page – so that those using mobile platforms can easily access the content. While developing your Website, make share options prominent and remind readers to like and share the content making the mobile website fast. If you are optimizing for social media platforms use rich media including images, photos and links. Above all, keep the content short and simple.

Choose content wisely: Second rule to be followed is always choose the right content that compels the audience to share among themselves. You must be aware of what type of content is shared by people who use social networking platforms on mobile devices. A recent study reveals that pictures and links attract the mobile users than videos and quotes.

Give more: Those using mobile apps and social media tend to give prominence to interactive services. If you have developed a mobile app or a social media presence make it available to mobile users too. For this you can link these to your mobile-friendly website and create a dynamic online experience. You can also customise the app or content for mobile users so that they can use it with ease.

Avoid Flash or Java: Another rule for those who are targeting mobile users is to avoid Flash or Java apps. The main reason for this is that Apple products do not support Flash and have no intention to do so in the future. As iPhones dominate about 30% of the smartphone market, majority of your audience will not be able to access your content. In the same way many phones do not support Java and even if they do Java consumes more time for loading.

If you keep in mind these tips while creating an app or website targeting mobile users, you can make the most out of your digital media marketing strategies.


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