Now Shoot and Send Pictures Instantly From Facebook Messenger

Facebook Application Development - May 2nd, 2014

Facebook is leaving no stone unturned in making the social media platform more user-friendly. Recently they updated their standalone messaging app, Messenger, with a new camera option for taking photos within the app. The new addition allows users to instantly take a photo while chatting and send it to any contact through the Messenger. 


According to Facebook, the users can use the icon above the keyboard to activate the phone's camera, which can also be flipped for front-facing photos or selfies. The photo is both captured and sent with just one click. The main advantage of this update is that one can click and send pics through Messenger without leaving the conversation. Along with this, users can also upload and send videos from the camera roll. 


The new move from Facebook is yet another example of a social network making it easier for users to share photos and videos. Before Facebook, its arch-rivals Twitter and Snapchat had introduced this feature, though with some limitations. It is anticipated that this update will help Facebook in keeping the users within the app. 


Apart from the photo feature, Facebook has updated the stickers used during Messenger conversations to make them viral. According to the new update, when someone sends you a sticker in between a conversation, you can tap, hold and download the entire sticker pack. This enables you to use these stickers from your own Messenger.


A Facebook spokesperson said that the app update is currently available only for iOS and the update for Android will be introduced later this month. With Facebook rolling out more and more updates, we will surely have an all-new social media experience.

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