Now Add to Your Amazon Cart with a Tweet

Online Marketing - May 12th, 2014

E-commerce giant, Amazon has joined hands with the micro blogging site Twitter to launch a new feature with which users can easily update their Amazon cart. The new feature allows Amazon users to add items to their shopping cart by replying to any tweet containing an Amazon product link with the hashtag #AmazonCart. And to avail this, all the users have to do is connect their Twitter account to Amazon.


According to the two companies, the new feature will help Amazon to extend its retail reach beyond its own website. Apart from this, Amazon can also get help from Twitter users to market the products using their tweets that indicate which items they are buying from Amazon.


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said that they are trying to extend its reach by exploiting customer demand for what he described as ‘now commerce’. “This notion of seeing something that someone talks about and then just saying I want that, I want to put it in my Amazon cart, you can do this now with in-the-moment commerce,” Costolo said on a TV show.


The two companies have made it clear that as part of the new feature, Twitter won't receive any direct revenue from sales that result from #AmazonCart transactions. Once the users add the products to their Amazon cart by replying with #AmazonCart, they still have to sign in to the Amazon account, go to their shopping carts and authorise the purchase. 


If we look back, this is not the first time retailers are joining hands with social media platforms to promote their products. In July last year, with the help of Twitter, a startup Chirpify raised a $6 million Series A funding for a social shopping service. Meanwhile, in 2007, Facebook had to withdraw a similar feature – Beacon that they had run for Target Cartwheel digital savings program - as it faced privacy backlashes. 


Even though the new feature may face several oppositions from different sectors, it is anticipated that this would take the online retail sector to an all new high. 


Here’s a promo video launched by Amazon to explain the new feature that has a tagline ‘Add it now, buy it later’. Take a look at it and know more about the feature.

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