New Marketing Tools for Facebook Pages

Facebook - July 28th, 2012

Facebook has rolled out a new set of features for its Pages to make page management more effective and simpler for page admins. The following are the new tools that you should make the most of:

1.Scheduled Page Posts: This feature allows admins to create posts that can be scheduled to be published at a future time that is between 10 minutes and 6 months from the time of its creation. Admins can change the scheduled time of the post or delete it unpublished provided it is done at least 3 minutes before the previously set time of publishing. 

2.Unpublished Page Posts: With this feature, a post can be promoted as a sponsored story that does not show up on the Page’s timeline. These posts do not appear on the newsfeed either but on the right hand side column. Such posts are great to use when the information contained in them is relevant only to a segment of the Page’s audience. 

3.Permissions for Page Admins: The revised page admin permission settings cater to admins who employ third party tools for creating content, analyzing and moderating it. The new tools let page admins grant limited access to the Page. Thus prescribing specific permissions for third party apps lets the admin have better control over page management.

These new tools have been announced on the Facebook Developer Blog and certainly look promising. Let us know in the comments, how you think these new tools can help you manage your Facebook page better. 

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