Facebook introduces new features to help you manage your apps

Facebook Application Development - October 9th, 2012

The team at Facebook continues to introduce features for apps that make app management easier for developers and more engaging for users. Some of the latest additions to Open Graph, as announced on the Facebook Developer Blog, include allowing real time updates, giving people a new way to manage app activity, and associating custom actions with Like.

Real time updates 

Real-time updates have arrived in Facebook’s App Dashboard which allows developers to configure subscriptions for specific objects and get callbacks when those objects are modified. It lets you update cached data when you want to, making the app more reliable and decreasing load time for users. So you can create and edit real time subscriptions, check subscriptions, and test their validity.

Shared Activity

This plugin lets people control the activity they share on Facebook through an app. It lists a person’s actions published from the app and lets users control what’s shown. People can set the default Facebook audience for activity shared from your app. They can also manage the settings for stories previously published to Facebook, including selecting an audience or removing it altogether - all within the plugin.

Built-in Like action for expressing affinity

Actions that express affinity have become popular custom-action types. To ‘favorite’, ‘heart’ and ‘love’ experiences in apps, you can now use the built-in Like action. To customize the name of the affinity action, you must associate them with the built-in Like action. This is to ensure that it is prominently displayed across Facebook news feed and timeline in an engaging manner.

Let us know in the comments whether you have made use of these plugins and what you feel about them.

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