More exciting features in store for Facebook users

Facebook - August 7th, 2012

Sponsored results – Facebook is in the process of testing a new feature that could become home to a new form of advertising. If this feature goes live, ads would appear alongside Facebook’s organic results when users conduct searches for pages or places on the social network. Ads will be sold on a cost-per-click basis appearing on Facebook’s search typehead.

“Want” button – As per reports, Facebook is working towards developing a “Want” button for its users to share coveted items with their friends. Experts suggest that, the “Want” button will directly impact the commerce on the site. This will help Facebook gather user data closer to what Google has when users type an explicit commerce related search query.

Page subscription – Recent reports suggest that, Facebook is testing the subscribe feature for pages. If this does go live for all pages, tracking subscriptions and likes could be a little difficult. It allows people to receive updates from pages without liking the page. This allows users to keep tabs on a page without publicly announcing that they like the cause. This could help businesses track their competitors a little more discreetly, as they can receive updates to see what they’re doing without showing that they like the page.

Save for later - Facebook is testing a new feature for desktop and mobile, Save for Later, which will let users add stories to a Saved folder. Saving stories will provide a similar experience to adding a tweet to your Favorites on Twitter. The folder lives under Apps in Facebook’s iOS and desktop versions. According to recent updates, your friends won’t receive a notification when you save their stories, distinguishing the new Facebook feature from Twitter’s Favorites.

Well, these are just some of the selected features waiting to be unveiled by Facebook. No doubt, the social networking giant is leaving no stone unturned to keep its users hooked for a long time to come. 

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