LuLu Mango Mania becomes a huge hit!

Facebook Applications - July 6th, 2012

LuLu Hypermarket was celebrating the arrival of summer with a Mango Mania festival across their outlets in the gulf. Varieties of mangoes were flown in from different parts of the world for sale. LuLu wanted to build momentum for the festival on Facebook by having something exciting for the fans.

We developed an idea for an app that would let fans relive their childhood by aiming at mangoes with a catapult – just like those good old days. We felt the game would present an opportunity for the brand to engage its audience and communicate about the Mango Mania festival being conducted across the outlets. We believed the game had the potential to create stories that could give further momentum to the Mango festival.

The app we developed had a lovely mango tree weighed down with mangoes big and small, ripe and raw. Fans could click and drag the mouse to aim at mangoes with a catapult. Points could be scored with every perfect hit and a user had 50 seconds to gather the maximum number of mangoes. The game could be played as many times as the user wished and their best score was taken as the final score. The top three scorers won gift vouchers worth 1000 dhs, 750 dhs and 500 dhs respectively, along with a mango box. There were 100 mango boxes as consolation prizes.

The app was live from 5 to 30th June 2012 and the response we got was truly overwhelming. 2481 users played the game and hundreds of users played it over a 100 times! The highest number of times the game was played by a single user was a whopping 1734! The app got 70,506 tab views and 14,65,327 post views. The fanpage got 11,762 new likes while the game was live. At present the page has 123,382 likes.

All in all, an immensely successful campaign!

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