LuLu Hypermarket’s Phenomenal Social Media Journey with Kreata Global

Social Media Marketing - September 18th, 2014

LuLu Hypermarket recently hit the one million fans milestone on its Facebook page. As a leading retail chain based in the Middle East, it doesn’t really come as a surprise. LuLu enjoys the patronage of the diverse ethnicities in the GCC and is the most preferred shopping destination in the region. Yet, establishing an effective digital media presence was a challenge. Let’s do a small rewind on how Kreata Global helped LuLu make efficient use of its brand value to build a strong social media presence.

A few years ago when LuLu Hypermarket planned to go social and digital, they wanted to reach out to their wide customer base in an engaging way. That is when Kreata Global came into the picture. We worked towards bringing the brand under the digital spotlight it deserved by understanding the multi-ethnic customer base that LuLu is proud of. We made sure these diverse groups were addressed in all communications. In doing so, we replicated LuLu’s commitment to customer satisfaction in the real world to the virtual space. We came up with interesting solutions to drive LuLu’s offline activities on social media platforms.

Wall-based contests, applications, games and interactive content is what helped us create a solid fan base for LuLu Hypermarket on Facebook. Some of our work for LuLu like The Christmas tree app got featured in the prestigious Facebook Studio. Another one was The Mango Mania game, wherein we gave momentum to the Mango festival happening across LuLu Hypermarkets. The app let fans aim at mangoes with a catapult!

Apart from games and apps, we focused on content that would drive users to the page. Having gained the trust of so many fans, we turned our attention towards turning LuLu into a content publisher. LuLu Goodlife was born thus.  The exclusive portal featuring lifestyle content ranging from trendy fashion to home interior tips has a fresh approach to content and is extremely user friendly. We made LuLu a content publisher, probably a unique approach branded-content for the first time in the Middle East.  

So how did Kreata Global help brand LuLu become a social media phenomenon? It’s simple really. We did our market research and helped create a strong digital community with a bunch of creative ideas, accurate strategy, and engaging content. Thanks to our persistence and determination, and an exceptional client always open to fresh ideas, within no time, we could create for LuLu a strong digital presence on par with its offline presence.

From a few hundred fans in its initial days, LuLu Hypermarket has over a million fans today. The journey has been long and fruitful for us too. At Kreata Global, we don’t think out of the box because the proverbial box doesn’t exist here. We realize that digital media is a platform with immense possibilities, with nothing holding it back. This philosophy has always helped us make great things happen for our clients and LuLu Hypermarket’s impressive social media journey is a testimony.  

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