Is Facebook manipulating its page reach mechanism?

Facebook - November 16th, 2012

Recently, there have been widespread speculations on whether or not Facebook is manipulating its EdgeRank mechanism to push their Promoted post feature. Some Page owners claim to have witnessed a significant drop in their page reach around the same time Facebook launched its Promoted post feature. In case, you have noticed this happening on your page, it definitely is a cause for worry. But to rectify this problem what you need first is to get your facts right.

A better understanding of fan behavior and the purpose of EdgeRank is more than sufficient to make you realize that Facebook isn’t playing dirty with you. On an average, every post receives around 16% reach. This is because you can’t expect 100% of your fanbase to be online at the time you post. And out of the ones that are online, only a portion of them might actively engage with your content. Those fans who liked your page but do not interact with anything they saw there have already indicated to Facebook that your page does not interest them anymore.

The role of EdgeRank is to make sure that you find on Facebook only that which is relevant to you. If not for EdgeRank, your page would be flooded with spam content that is of no interest value to you. Being a truly democratic medium, Facebook fans now have absolute control over their newsfeeds. All they need to do is click on the drop-down arrow above the post and decide whether to hide or report it as spam. This has made the EdgeRank feature highly efficient and precise than what it used to be.  

Now, if your brand page is witnessing a drop in page reach that means there is something wrong with your content strategy. Are you giving your fans value or is it just regular, mundane stuff you are squeezing in? Go back to your posting history and see which posts made your fans interact the most. The best way to stay in a user’s newsfeed is to post content that’s engaging and relevant to them. If they click on, like, comment or share your post then that means you will stay in their news feed. In short, sharing great information is the only way to stay visible. So, let’s stop blaming Facebook and get back to delivering exceptional content your fans will remember you for.

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